Gallbladder Symptoms

The gallbladder is an important organ located just behind your liver. Its job is to store the bile produced by the liver. Bile helps you digest fat. Gallbladder disease is a painful disease and if you think you are suffering from gallbladder disease then you need to review common gallbladder symptoms.

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Vomiting and nausea are two gallbladder symptoms. The vomiting and nausea can occur alongside heartburn. The vomiting and nausea can happen at any time, but it can occur more often immediately following a meal of fatty foods. These may be aggravated by pain in the abdomen.

Another of the gallbladder symptoms is abdominal pain. The pain is usually severe and the pain can be found on your right side in the upper quadrant of your mid-section. The pain is worse after you take a deep breath. The pain radiates around your waist to your back. It's usually near your right shoulder blade. The pain is worse after eating food that is high in fat. The pain in the abdomen is sometimes accompanied with abdominal fullness or excessive gas.

Gallbladder symptoms also may include chills, fever and shaking. The chills, fever and shaking may occur more often after consuming fatty foods because the gallbladder is responsible for assisting you in digesting fat. These symptoms may possibly disappear 6 to 18 hours after they start and your pain begins to decrease.

If you look at any one of the gallbladder symptoms, you won't be able to know if you have gallbladder problems. If you suffer from more than a few of these or if the pain is chronic, then you need to look at seeking treatment.