Kidney Infection Symptoms

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A kidney infection is a dangerous ailment that can affect you with pain and long term health consequences. Untreated, it can severely damage your kidney and cause you to lose the necessary functions of your kidney. To avoid these long term complications, you need to pay attention to kidney infection symptoms so that you can treat it as soon as you recognize that you are suffering from a kidney infection

There are several generic kidney infection symptoms that you should pay attention to. You may not experience all of them, but likely you will experience one or more of them if you have a kidney infection. You might suffer from frequent urination along with a strong and persistent feeling that you need to urinate. You may experience a burning sensation when you urinate. Your urine may be cloudy and have a very strong odor. You may find that you have to urinate during the night abnormally. You may experience a pain in your back, in your side or in your groin area. These may be accompanied by a fever.

In more severe cases, the kidney infection symptoms are a high fever, chills, sweating, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, or confusion. If you are experiencing any of these severe kidney infection symptoms then you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Kidney infection symptoms differ for age groups somewhat. In infants and young children, you should pay attention to irritability, loss of appetite, loose bowel movements and bed wetting. For older adults, sometimes confusion and other mental changes may be the only kidney infection symptoms detected.

If you think you or someone in your family is suffering from these kidney infection symptoms, then you should seek medical treatment With proper treatment, long term complications can be avoided.