Bladder Infection Symptoms

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Bladder infections can be painful and very annoying as long as they are limited to your bladder, but if a bladder infection spreads to your kidneys then it can be very dangerous. It's very important to control and stop a bladder infection before it spreads to other vital organs. For this reason, you need to know bladder infection symptoms so that you can get treatment promptly to avoid complications.

If you think you might be suffering from a bladder infection, take a look at the following bladder infection symptoms. If you are experiencing an infection of your bladder, you may experience moderate to severe discomfort in your lower abdomen area. This pain can be sharp and is not relieved with typical pain treatments. You may also feel a lot of pressure in your pelvic area. The pressure can be enough to be painful

Another of the bladder infection symptoms is a burning sensation when you urinate. It will be very painful when you urinate and your urine will have a strong smell. Your urine may also contain blood or have a cloudy appearance from the waste products of the infection. You may also be unable to fully urinate so you might have the need to frequently urinate small amounts.

If these bladder infection symptoms are left untreated then they may spread to other body organs including your kidneys. If the bladder infection spreads to your kidneys, it can become very serious very rapidly and leave you in a very risky situation. That's why it's important to seek medical treatment as soon as you experience these bladder infection symptoms.