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The Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 1971

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The Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 1971

When looking at popular baby boy names, there are definitive trends over years. Some names stay popular, while other go out of fashion, just to appear a few years later again. Have a look at our list of the most popular baby boy names for 1971 to find out if your favorite was on the list!

To determine the most popular baby boy names of 1971, MomswhoThink.com reviewed data on names from the U.S. Social Security Administration. Names were ranked based on the number of newborns receiving the name in 1971.

50. Jerry


  • Boys named Jerry: 6,572 newborns

49. Dennis


  • Boys named Dennis: 6,583 newborns

48. Bryan


  • Boys named Bryan: 6,612 newborns

47. Peter


  • Boys named Peter: 7,024 newborns

46. Troy


  • Boys named Troy: 7,339 newborns

45. Jeremy

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  • Boys named Jeremy: 7,499 newborns

44. Larry


  • Boys named Larry: 7,764 newborns

43. Craig


  • Boys named Craig: 7,957 newborns

42. George


  • Boys named George: 8,226 newborns

41. Aaron

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  • Boys named Aaron: 8,404 newborns

40. Jonathan

Portrait of infant baby boy weared funny hat. Kid lying on bed and playing with teething toy

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  • Boys named Jonathan: 8,629 newborns

39. Douglas

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  • Boys named Douglas: 8,738 newborns

38. Gary

1,5 year-old child playing with educational cup toys at home. Little blond baby boy with blue eyes is playing with pyramid toy on the floor. Little kid have fun indoors


  • Boys named Gary: 9,188 newborns

37. Keith

Little cute baby boy, child in knitted sweater, holding knitted toy, smiling happily at camera in white sunny, bright bedroom

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  • Boys named Keith: 9,852 newborns

36. Sean

Future banker. Adorable baby boy wearing a red bow-tie and sitting on a pile of gold coins next to money bags. Isolated on white with room for your text.

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  • Boys named Sean: 10,509 newborns

35. Patrick

Cute Funny Little Black Baby Having Fun While Lying On Bed At Home, Adorable African American Infant Boy Playing With His Toes And Laughing While Resting In Bedroom, Top View, Copy Space


  • Boys named Patrick: 10,808 newborns

34. Donald

Baby Boy Names V

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  • Boys named Donald: 10,873 newborns

33. Andrew

Baby Boy Names K


  • Boys named Andrew: 10,915 newborns

32. Edward

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  • Boys named Edward: 11,060 newborns

31. Ronald


  • Boys named Ronald: 11,617 newborns

30. Todd

Cute baby boy drinking from bottle. Kid lying on carpet in nursery at home. Smiling child is 7 months old.

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  • Boys named Todd: 12,055 newborns

29. Chad

Unique Baby Boy Names that Start with the Letter J

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  • Boys named Chad: 12,137 newborns

28. Shawn

Names for Twins Boys

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  • Boys named Shawn: 12,825 newborns

27. Stephen

baby sitting in high chair

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  • Boys named Stephen: 13,102 newborns

26. Gregory


  • Boys named Gregory: 14,761 newborns

25. Kenneth

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  • Boys named Kenneth: 14,764 newborns

24. Paul

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  • Boys named Paul: 17,467 newborns

23. Anthony

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  • Boys named Anthony: 19,225 newborns

22. Charles

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  • Boys named Charles: 19,851 newborns

21. Timothy


  • Boys named Timothy: 20,089 newborns

20. Daniel

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  • Boys named Daniel: 21,784 newborns

19. Matthew

babies hold their head up by 4 months old

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  • Boys named Matthew: 22,541 newborns

18. Eric

Cute little African American infant sitting on bed


  • Boys named Eric: 22,968 newborns

17. Thomas

Adorable baby boy in white sunny bedroom. Newborn child relaxing in bed. Nursery for young children. Textile and bedding for kids. Family morning at home. New born kid during tummy time with toy bear.


  • Boys named Thomas: 23,149 newborns

16. Steven

Adorable happy blonde infant baby playing with kids toys at home while sitting on carpet floor in living room. Portrait of smiling cute child toddler using colorful toys, copy space


  • Boys named Steven: 23,678 newborns

15. Joseph

Smiling baby boy sitting inside cardboard box after moving to a new apartment

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  • Boys named Joseph: 24,516 newborns

14. Kevin

Happy excited baby laughing at mom face, showing positive emotions, waving hands, sitting on bed, playing. New mother talking to charming infant child, cuddling kid, having fun


  • Boys named Kevin: 24,851 newborns

13. Mark

Cute funny infant baby girl making faces lying on mother hands in room at home and try to fall asleep. Motherhood. Woman holding newborn


  • Boys named Mark: 25,129 newborns

12. Jeffrey

Baby - Human Age, Knit Hat, Newborn, Hat, Photography

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  • Boys named Jeffrey: 25,836 newborns

11. Richard

Newborn 4 day old baby boy lying on his back relaxing under a blue wrap cloth

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  • Boys named Richard: 26,156 newborns

10. Scott

Happy young mother watching her cute baby crawl on floor at home

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  • Boys named Scott: 30,907 newborns

9. Brian

Portrait of cute smiling toddler boy, baby in diaper sitting isolated over white studio background. Happy child. Concept of childhood, motherhood, life, birth. Copy space for ad

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  • Boys named Brian: 32,624 newborns

8. Jason

Portrait of a crawling baby on the bed in her room

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  • Boys named Jason: 34,179 newborns

7. William

Home portrait of a newborn baby with mother on the bed. Mom holding and kissing her child.

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  • Boys named William: 35,413 newborns

6. Christopher

Beautiful smiling cute baby

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  • Boys named Christopher: 48,222 newborns

5. Robert

Joyful mother and baby boy playing with toys on a carpet at home


  • Boys named Robert: 50,632 newborns

4. John

Child Care. Portrait Of Happy African American Father With Infant Baby In Arms Standing Near Window At Home, Young Black Dad Spending Time With Adorable Toddler Child, Panorama With Copy Space


  • Boys named John: 51,511 newborns

3. David

Baby boy wearing diaper and blue towel in white sunny bedroom. Newborn child relaxing in bed after bath or shower. Nursery for children. Textile and bedding for kids. New born kid with toy bear.


  • Boys named David: 53,117 newborns

2. James

Happy infant baby boy spoon eats itself

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  • Boys named James: 54,603 newborns

1. Michael

Adorable newborn baby wrap by white rabbit towel with smiling face. Happy mixed race Asian-German boy drying after bathing

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  • Boys named Michael: 77,583 newborns
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