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What are Some Great Middle Names for a Baby?

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What are Some Great Middle Names for a Baby?

In the United States, it is common for someone to have a name with three parts: first, middle and last. Many parents put thought in choosing a first name. However, you should not minimize the importance of choosing the right middle name for your baby. Good middle names can be used to honor a loved one or to express your creative side. Here is a list of middle names to consider when choosing the right middle name for your child.

Key Points

  • By the history of middle names, you might be able to find extra inspiration for your own child's.
  • Consider a unisex middle name for your child!
  • Make the middle name you choose sounds good when said with your child's first and last names.

Why Do We Have Middle Names?

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It is common to use your middle name to fill out applications, to come up with a username, and to write your initials. Other than these instances, your middle name does not get used on a daily basis. Why do we have middle names? Before answering this question, you must understand the historical context.

The use of middle names starts with ancient Rome. Several names were a sign of respect for the Romans. A Roman usually had three names, which were the praenomen, the nomen, and the cognomen. The praenomen referred to a person’s personal name, the nomen was a family name, and the cognomen refers to the branch of the family you were from. However, women usually had two names and slaves had only one.

In the 1700s, this tradition spread to Western cultures. Aristocrats gave their children long names to show their high ranking in society. The way middle names are used today came about from the Middle Ages. Europeans had a difficult time deciding to give their child the name of a saint or family name. They settled on this naming format, which for them was the given name, baptismal name, and surname.

At this time, many Americans were traveling overseas. This tradition eventually spread to the United States. With time, Americans became more flexible with choosing a middle name and moved away from religious names. Common middle names started to include the maiden name of the child’s mother.

Currently, some parents do not give their children middle names. There are also people who only go by their middle name and others who do not use it all. Historically speaking, the purpose of a middle name was to honor a family member, a godparent, or a prominent figure.

What Are The Different Types of Baby Middle Names?

Some parents put time and thought into the name. It is why you get unique middle names for boys and girls. The naming process can be complex. Parents may use a variety of factors to decide on the final choice. These factors may include family traditions, cultural heritage, adding special meanings, and to include two family names.

Many families have a tradition where everyone has the same middle name. For example, the girls are given the middle name of Ann. On the other hand, the boys might be given the middle name of John. This tradition is passed down from one generation to the next.

Some people come from different cultures and are very proud of that heritage. When someone gets pregnant, it is common to choose a name from the person’s cultural heritage. If you are Japanese, then you might choose a Japanese middle name. It is also tradition in some cultures to allow an elder in the family to choose the name.

Special meaning is another factor used during the naming process. It can refer to a place that is special to the couple, family history, or have personal significance. The expecting parents may have proposed in a certain location like Paris or Austin. On the other hand, if the parents are science geeks, then they may want to give the child the middle name of Pluto.

It is traditional to give a child the father’s last name. However, some parents may want their child to have the names of both parents. They usually prefer to not hyphenate the last name; instead they put one of the names in the middle. Here are some ideas for middle names.

Boy Middle Names

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You're having a baby boy and picked out the first name. It is time to choose a middle name. Some parents choose middle names for boys that match. During the naming process, you should consider what you want your son’s name to mean. For example, you might want a name that means “strong”. You can do a search for names that have strong in its meaning to give to your son.

It is difficult to pass a specific character or value along in the name, but the name can serve as a reminder. Many families want the name to mean something, rather than just being cool. A name is also important for some families. It is a representation of where they come from and what they value. When a child is given a name, he or she should carry it and make the family proud. Here are male middle names for you to consider:

Girl Middle Names

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If you are having a girl and already picked out the first name, then it is time to choose a middle name. Some parents choose middle names for girls that match or are something unique. When choosing a middle name, you should consider what you want it to mean. For example, you might want a name that means compassion. You can do a search for names that have compassion in its meaning to give to your daughter.

Some parents use a name to pass along specific values. The name serves as a reminder of the child’s worth and family background. It may go back for generations and is a representation of the family. When a name is bestowed upon a daughter, she must carry the name and make her family proud. Here are middle names for girls to consider:

Common Middle Names for Both Sexes


The trend of gender-neutral names has been growing in the United States among young parents. A unisex name is given regardless of the birth sex of the baby. This type of name moves away from traditional names and common spellings. When it comes to character, a unisex name gives your child the best of both worlds. The child may possess a little sensitivity along with strength.

Unisex names come about from current parents moving away from tradition. Current parents are choosing names based on places that they visited, from the last names of ancestors, from words that have special meaning, and names that have unusual spellings. Some parents choose a unisex name to give their children a chance to define themselves.

Unisex names are popular in the United States, but can be illegal in other countries. It is illegal in countries like Iceland, Denmark and Portugal. The local registrars in Germany can decide whether a name may have a negative impact on a child’s life. If so, the parents would have to change the name. Alternatively, they can try to appeal. However, it is perfectly legal to give your child a unisex name in the United States.

When choosing a unisex middle name, it should not make any reference to gender. The spelling alone can make a name genderless. Here are common unisex middle names to consider:

Unisex Middle Names

  • Pat 
  • Harley 
  • Robbie
  • Tommie
  • Bless
  • Kodee
  • Callaway
  • Nike
  • Tkai
  • Jonel
  • Myrl
  • Daine
  • Shaya
  • Riely
  • Hartley
  • Avry
  • Miciah
  • Odean
  • Jadis
  • Aijalon
  • Claudie
  • Ashtin 
  • Krishna
  • Terryl
  • Jung
  • Han
  • Marvis
  • Larkin
  • Rayen
  • Michel
  • Chey
  • Ricci
  • Sevyn 
  • Evian
  • Jamile
  • Burnice
  • Brenn
  • Kendel
  • Shey
  • Feliz
  • Teegan
  • Salem 
  • Dallis
  • Waverly
  • Carey
  • Denym
  • Demetrice
  • Jerzy
  • Sonnie
  • Tristyn

Some parents want to be different and may choose a unique name for their baby. It is hard to find a unique name in today’s world. Giving your baby a unique name has become a trend. You can make up a name, but somebody else may have the same name by next week. However, there are certain guidelines you can follow to make sure your child’s name stand out from others.

The last name comes from your family, the first name can be something traditional, but the middle name allows for creativity. You can start by thinking about your hopes and dreams for your child. Parents want their children to be productive citizens in society.

It also helps to look back at the names of the men in your family. For example, Preston may be a popular name held by the men in your family. You can take this name and make it unique. You can change “Preston” to “Prez”. Here are some unique middle names for boys:

Unique Middle Names For Boys

Parents can get creative when choosing unique middle names for girls. You can take inspiration from some of your favorite things. The inspiration can come from clothing brands, car brands, holidays and celebrities. Remember your child has to use this name in the real world. Here are unique middle names to consider for girls:

Unique Middle Names For Girls

Parents must consider the number of syllables when choosing boy middle names. A one-syllable name has one vowel sound. However, a short middle name can complement the first name. It comes across as strong and direct. The short length also means it is less likely to turn into a nickname. Here are one syllable middle names for boys to consider:

One Syllable Middle Names for Boys

It is quite the responsibility to oversee the naming of another person. Many parents understand that choosing baby middle names is one of the first steps of parenting. You do not want to be the parent that gives your child the long and difficult name to pronounce. A one-syllable name can eliminate this problem. Here are one syllable middle names to consider for girls:

One Syllable Middle Names for Girls

You can always count on parents to use a child's middle name, if nobody else. Many parents use the formality of the first and last name to get their children’s attention. They also use the middle name to show affection towards a child.

There is no such thing as the perfect name. The list of middle names in this article can help with narrowing down your decision. However, good middle names should express your love and joy for the arrival of your unborn baby.

What Else To Consider When Picking Your Baby's Middle Name

In the focus to choose the perfect name for their baby, the baby’s middle name sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Your baby’s middle name is part of their entire name; part of their individuality. Many parents combine a common first name with some baby middle names in order to produce something a little more unique.

When choosing your baby’s middle name it is important that you put it together with both their first and last names and see how it sounds. Ideally the middle name should flow easily off the tongue and not wrap you up in knots when trying to say it.

Try to choose a middle name that begins with a different letter or different sound from that in which their first name ends. This will often result in a smoother name combination. One example is David Donald vs. David Michael. Having the middle name begin with a different letter sounds more harmonious.

When choosing a middle name for your baby, vary the number of syllables in each of their first and middle. If they have a short first name, complement it by using something a little longer.

The next thing you need to check out when choosing a baby’s middle name is to see what the initials spell out. Do they spell out something intelligible or it is an acronym that will lead to them being teased at the playground at school? Keep away from names that when attached to your surname are going to cause problems.

When choosing a baby name for consideration, put the names together, write them out, put the initials together, and definitely say them out loud. You will find the perfect name for your baby with a little research and time. What you love today may not be your favorite next week. What you end up naming your baby will be the one that you keep coming back to, over and over, because it doesn’t lose its appeal. Choosing your baby’s name should never be stressful, so remember to have fun with this!

What to Do If You're Struggling to Pick a Middle Name

If you're struggling to settle on a middle name, it doesn't hurt to ask the opinions of friends and family. Don't ask too many people, as that can complicate things too much. Having a ton of opinions can get confusing! Pick a handful of people whose opinions you trust, and give them the names you're trying to pick between.

If you absolutely cannot decide between two names, you may need to discard them and move on to other options. You can always walk away and come back later, too. The important thing is to not spend weeks or even months dancing around the same two names. Eventually, you'll need to either decide between the two, find a compromise that allows you to use both names, or discard them and move on to other options.

It's important to avoid stressing too much over the issue of picking a good middle name. Excessive stress is never a good thing for expectant parents; as such, you should avoid it when possible. If you're becoming overwhelmed or overly stressed trying to pick out a good middle name for your baby, then take a break and do something else.

To minimize the potential for stress and to ensure you have adequate time to deal with setbacks and struggles, make sure you start thinking about names early enough. Give yourself at least a month to really consider what names you want to give your baby. By doing this, you'll also be able to take breaks from the name game without feeling pressured. Ultimately, it's important to be patient with yourself while trying to choose, and to take your time. This is a very important decision; you don't want to rush it!

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