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The name Blair is used for both boys and girls, though it is much more common for girls. It began as a surname for those who lived in communities in Scotland called “Blair” giving the meaning of “field” or “plain.” The name may not be as popular as other unisex names, but it is still widely used.

Meaning of the Name Blair

Blair has a meaning of field, plain dweller, and battlefield. Blair was originally a surname in historical Scotland for families who lived among the battlefields and plains. It was one of the first European surnames to start being used as a first name. There were towns and communities throughout these areas that were called “Blair.” Though used for boys and girls, the name has spread to be more of one that is used for girls.

The meaning of the name Blair comes from the names of towns that are throughout the Scottish fields that were once battlefields. Families who lived among those towns were given the surname Blair, and it quickly transitioned to become the first name throughout the world.

Nicknames for Blair

Emotions evoked from the name Blair are very strong and mighty. It has a very indicative sense of bravery and conquest. For a confident name like Blair, we've compiled a fun list of nicknames you can keep in mind:

  • Beely
  • B
  • Bee
  • Bumble Bee
  • Blay
  • Blair Bear
  • Lair
  • Larry 
  • BeeBee

Blair Name Details

Style: Traditional in European history since it was among the first generation of surnames that became the first name.

Gender: Neutral but popular among girls.

Pronunciation: BLEHR

Syllables: One

Alternative Spelling for Blair

Blair Name Popularity

As of 2020, the ranking of the name Blair was the highest it has ever been at number 333 on the list. It has never risen to the top 200 list, however, and not even the top 300 is of names in the United States.

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Great Middle Names for Blair and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Blair

  • Blair Dreelan (pop singer)
  • Blair Underwood (television actor, “Heat of the Night”)
  • Blair Brown (actress, “Fringe”)
  • Blair Walsh (NFL player, Vikings, Seahawks)
  • Blair O'Neal (professional golfer)
  • Blair Bowman (professional cheerleader)
  • Blair Conklin (professional surfer)
  • Dr. Blair (character in “The Thing”)
  • Blair Tolliver 2 (character in “The Other Woman”)
  • Blair Waldorf (character in “Gossip Girl”)
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