The Scottish population is spirited and bold, so it stands to reason that this list of Scottish baby names is filled with options that are much the same. From the spritely name like Kenzie to the more bold option like Ballantine, this list is filled with variety. Take a look and explore the various meanings of each of these names before settling on the perfect options for your child.

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  • Aberdeen The name Aberdeen is a unisex name of Scottish origin. It refers to the third most populated city in Scotland.
  • AinsleyMelodic, trendy, and gender-neutral, the moniker Ainsley means ‘one own's meadow.' It is of Scottish origin.
  • Ballantine for either gender, the name Ballantine refers to the ‘worship place.' It comes from a classic Scottish surname.
  • BlairThe name Blair is of Celtic, English, and Scottish origin. It means ‘child of the plains' and is used in both feminine and masculine forms.
  • BrettBrett is a unisex name rooted in Scottish, Celtic, Latin, and English languages. It refers to an individual who comes from Brittany, France.
  • BryceIf you're looking for a name that encapsulates a little freckled-faced bundle of joy, consider the name Bryce. This gender-neutral moniker comes from a Scottish surname, which means speckled or freckled.
  • Callan Callan, which means rock, is a gender-neutral name. It is of Scottish origin and is widely used in Scotland.
  • CampbellThe moniker Campbell is so adorable that parents overlook its meaning. It is one of the top-ranking unisex names in Scotland and means ‘crooked mouth.'
  • CamdenCamden is a gender-neutral name that refers to a ‘winding valley.' It is of Scottish origin and includes many spelling variations including Kamden, Camdyn, and Kamdyn.
  • CameronCameron is another cute-sounding Scottish name with an unattractive meaning. Its meaning translates to ‘crooked nose.'
  • DallasDallas is a gender-neutral moniker of Celtic, Scottish, and Irish origin. It means ‘living in the field.'
  • Finley/Finlay The name Finley is a popular unisex name with Scottish and Irish roots. It comes from the Gaelic words fionn (or finn) and laoch, which when combined means ‘fair-haired hero.'
  • Firth Taken from Old English and Scots languages, the name Firth refers to ‘the arm of the sea.' It's a gender-neutral name.
  • Greer Short, sweet, and adorable, the name Greer works for males and females. This one-syllable moniker comes from Scottish and Latin languages and refers to someone who is watchful or alert.
  • KenzieKenzie is the Scottish short version of the name McKenzie. It is used as both masculine and feminine monikers and refers to the ‘fair one' or ‘good looking.
  • Leith Leith is a gender-neutral name fit for a boy or girl. It originated in Scotland and means river.
  • LennoxThe moniker Lennox is a charming unisex name. It is of Scottish origin and translates to ‘elm grove' or ‘one with many elms.'
  • Leslie Chances are you know both males and females named Leslie. That's because this Scottish name is gender-neutral. It means ‘from the holly garden.'
  • LoganLogan is an old-school name with a modern feel. This classic Scottish surname is given to both boys and girls and means ‘of the meadow.'
  • Monroe The name Monroe is a Scottish unisex name. It refers to the ‘mouth of the river.'
  • Murray Murray is a common name used for either gender. It is of Scottish origin and means ‘from the land by the sea.'
  • ReaganThe name Reagan may set your child up for success. This gender-neutral name comes from Celtic, Scottish origins and means ‘little ruler' or ‘child of the king.'
  • RoryThe sweet-sounding moniker, Rory is of Scottish and Irish origin. It means ‘red king' or ‘red ruler.' Although it was once a trendy boy's name, parents are assigning the name to spirited red-headed girls, too.
  • Sinclair Fitting for a boy or a girl, the moniker Sinclair is of Scottish origin. The name means bright or clear.
  • SkyeSkye is the Scottish short form of the names Skylar or Schulyer. The addition of the letter e takes inspiration from the second-largest island in Scotland.

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