From the exotic-sounding Isla to the more pure-sounding Annabel, this list of Scottish baby names for girls is filled with a variety of beautiful, feminine names. Explore the meanings behind each and decide on the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Aileen Pronounced eye-leen, this Scottish girl's name means ‘giver of life.' It's also a variant of the name Helen, which means ‘ray of sunshine.'
  • Ailsa Ailsa is a traditional Scottish girl's name. It comes from Scottish and Norse origin and means ‘small victory.'
  • AnnabelThis 12th-century Scottish girl's name means loving. There are several spellings, but Annabel is more common among Scots.
  • BonnieBonnie is a word that Scots use to refer to beautiful things. It comes from the French word bonne and is used as a feminine name. The girl's name means beautiful or cheerful.
  • Caitriona- name Caitriona is a girl's name of Gaelic and Scottish origin. It is a variation of the moniker Catherine and means pure.
  • Davina A feminine form of the name David, Davina is listed as a favorite among Scottish girls' names. It comes from the Hebrew language and means ‘little deer.'
  • Elspeth If you're a fan of traditional names. consider the moniker Elspeth. It is the Scottish version of the name Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God.'
  • Fiona The female moniker Fiona is of Gaelic and Scottish origin. It means white or fair.
  • Gormlaith Pronounced GORM-la, Gormlaith has been used in Scotland since the 11th century. It is of Irish origin and means ‘illustrious lady.'
  • Iona Iona is the name of a tiny island off the coast of Scotland. It's also a girl's name that also means dove.
  • IslaThe name Isla has remained one of the most popular Scottish girl's names for several years. It refers to the Scottish Island, Islay, and means ‘rocky palace.'
  • Isobel The o in the name Isobel makes it uniquely Scottish. It's another female moniker that means ‘pledged to God.'
  • Kellina Kellina is a girl's name of Scottish origin. It is a variation of Kelly and means ‘war.'
  • Kirstine Kirstine is a classic pick for a girl's name. It is the Scottish equivalent of Christine and means ‘follower of Christ.'
  • KyleighKyleigh is the feminine variation of the name Kyle. It has Scottish and Aboriginal roots and means boomerang or ‘narrow spit of land.'
  • Lachina The name Lachina is the feminine version of Lachlan. It is of Scottish origin.
  • Leana Leana is an attractive girl's moniker that blends the names Lee and Ana. It comes from the Gaelic language and means ‘light beautiful woman.'
  • Lilias The name Lilias is a popular Scottish girl's name of Latin origin. It refers to the beautiful lily flower.
  • MaisieMaisie is a fitting name for a little gem. It is the Scottish diminutive of Margaret and means pearl or precious.
  • Mina Mina is a feminine moniker of German, Polish, and Scottish origin. The name translates to ‘child of the red earth.'
  • PaisleyThe name Paisley is perhaps one of the sweetest name choices for a girl. It is a popular Scottish girl's name, which translates to church.
  • RowanRowan is of Scottish and Irish origin. It is a unisex name that is most often given to girls. It refers to the ‘rowan tree' (a tree with red berries) and also means ‘little redhead.'
  • Shona Shona is a gorgeous Scottish Gaelic moniker. This girl's name means ‘God is gracious.'
  • Vaila This adorable girl's name gets inspiration from the Shetland island in Scotland. It simply means ‘foreign isle.'
  • Yvaine A combination of Yvonne and Elaine, the moniker Yvaine has an old-fashioned charm. This girl's name is of Scottish origin and translates to ‘evening star.'

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