Expecting a daughter? Then you may be searching for the perfect feminine name for her. This list of Portuguese baby names for girls is filled with a variety of beautiful options. From Adelina to Izabel and plenty of names in between, you're sure to find the perfect moniker for your daughter!

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  • AdelinaThe girl's name Adelina has roots in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish languages. It is a variation of the name Adeline and refers to a ‘noble' person.'
  • AmeliaIn Portuguese, the feminine moniker Amelia means ‘brave and intelligent.' It also refers to ‘one who is hardworking.'
  • Analia/Analiyah The girl's name Analia is of Portuguese origin. It is a blend of Ana and Lia, and refers to grace or favor.
  • Balei Balei is a girl's name that refers to being ‘inquisitive and intelligent.' It is of Portuguese origin.
  • CinthiaThe name Cinthia comes from Old Greek origin. It is a variant of the female moniker Cynthia, which refers to Mount Cyntus in Greek mythology.
  • DeboraDebora (DEH-Bow-Raa) has roots in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. It refers to a person who is ‘sweet-tempered and charming.'
  • Deolinda Deolinda is a cute name for a little girl. The name of Portuguese origin and means ‘God is beautiful.'
  • Desideria Desideria is a girl's name that means ‘the one desired.' It has Portuguese and Latin origin roots.
  • Efigenia Efigenia is a unique girl's name that comes from the Old Greek language. It is a variant of the moniker Eugenia and refers to sacrifice.
  • Felicidade The feminine name Felicidade is rooted in Portuguese and Latin. It means happiness or ‘good fortune.'
  • Fernanda Fernanda is the female version of the name Fernando. It comes from Spanish and Portuguese languages meaning ‘bold voyager.'
  • Florbela Florbela is Portuguese for ‘beautiful flower. It comes from the words flor (flower) and bela (beautiful).
  • Glaucia Pronounced GLao-S-AH, the feminine moniker Glaucia means ‘brave gift.' It is of Portuguese origin.
  • Graakah The name Graakah is of Latin origin. It is a girl's name that means grace Portuguese.
  • Izabel Izabel is chiefly used in Portuguese, Spanish, and Hungarian communities. The girl's name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God of plenty.'
  • Linda Linda is a diminutive of Melinda and Belinda. It originates from the Spanish language and is a feminine moniker that means pretty.
  • Luiza The name Luiza is of Germanic origin. It's a common moniker given to girls born to Portuguese parents. The name means ‘renowned warrior.'
  • Marcia Marcia is a feminine moniker used in Portuguese communities. It is of Latin and Aramaic origin and translates to war-like in Portuguese.
  • Nathalia The name Nathalia is of Portuguese origin. Since it means ‘birthday of the Lord,' the moniker is generally given to females born on Christmas day.
  • Rosa The girl's moniker Rosa is a variant of the Latin name Rose. It is a classic Portuguese name that refers to a flower.
  • Tereza The feminine name Tereza is of Portuguese and Romanian origin. It is a favorite among Portuguese-speaking communities in Brazil. The name is a variation of the name Theresa, which means ‘to harvest.'
  • Trinidade Trinidade is of English origin and means Trinity. It is a unique name primarily given to Portuguese-born girls.
  • Vanina The girl's moniker Vanina comes from Portuguese and Spanish languages. It is a diminutive of the name Evangelina, which means ‘bringer of good news.'
  • Vedonia – Vedonia is of Portuguese origin. Pronounced VEYDOWNiyAH, this female moniker symbolizes a ‘branch on a vine.'
  • Wanessa Wanessa is a girl's name of Portuguese, Latin, and Arabic origin. Pronounced WEYNEHS-AH, the moniker means ‘intimate friend.'

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