Instill a love and passion for nature in your daughter by giving her one of these girl names that mean forest. From Hayma to Kanana to Diana and beyond, each is feminine and impactful. Take a look and find the perfect fit for your little one.

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  • Abungu An African name, Abungu has a fun vibe and is easy to pronounce. The name itself means ‘forest.’
  • Angarika Angarika means ‘fire produced in the forest.' or ‘flame-colored flower.' It is a feminine name of Indian origin.
  • Alyvia A variant of Olivia, this name refers to an ‘olive tree.' It is a sweet-sounding name of Latin origin.
  • Amadahy Amadahy is a nature name of a Native American origin. It’s popular among the Cherokee tribe and refers to ‘forest water.’
  • DianaIn Roman mythology, Diana is the ‘goddess of the woods.’ The name means ‘beautiful, ‘'divine,’ and ‘light.’
  • Fawna- is a nature name associated with the forest. It comes from the English word fawn, a noun and a verb. As a noun, it refers to a ‘young deer that lives in the forest.' It is also a verb, meaning ‘to win favor by flattery.' Faunia and Fauna are variants of this name.
  • Feronia The name Feronia refers to the ‘goddess of the woods.' It derives from the Latin word ferus, and connects to wildlife and abundance.
  • Forestina Forestina is an Ancient Latin name. It derives from the word foresta. Forestine is a variation of this name.
  • Hayma Hayma is a feminine moniker of Burmese, Pali origin. It is defined as ‘forest.'
  • HelenaThe name Helena has roots in several languages. It’s also the name of a national forest in Montana and refers to a ‘shining light.’
  • IvyThere is such a beautiful sound to the moniker Ivy. It's short and sweet. Not only does it symbolize commitment and determination, but it also refers to a ‘magical forest.’
  • Kanana Kanana is a popular female name in Hawaiian and Indian cultures. It is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘forest.’
  • Kayliana The name Kayliana is of Greek origin. It means ‘summer forest’ and also ‘pure one.’
  • Keitha Keitha is the feminine form of Keith. It's a Scottish name that means ‘wood,' or ‘forest.'
  • Mielikki Mielikki is a beautiful name for a free spirit. It is of Finnish origin and refers to the ‘forest spirit.’ In Kalevala literature, hunters often prayed to Mielikki, and offered her gold and silver before entering the forest.
  • Metsa Metsa means ‘woman of the forest.’ This Finnish origin name also symbolizes a ‘wise protector’ and has Metsah as an alternate spelling.
  • Moriko Moriko is a cute Japanese name for a nature lover. It has a melodic sound and means ‘forest child.’
  • Oihane Derived from the Basque oihan, Oihane translates to ‘from the forest.' It also means ‘blossom' in Greek and ‘little girl in Hebrew.
  • Seda Seda is a feminine moniker. In Armenian, it means ‘spirit of the forest.' In Turkish, it describes ‘an echo or voice in the forest.' And in Portuguese, Seda refers to a silk merchant.
  • Sylva The name Sylva is a Latin name, meaning ‘from the forest.’ It derives from Silvanus, a Roman deity charged with ‘protecting the forest.’
  • Sylvonna Sylvonna is of Latin origin. It means ‘from the forest.’
  • Tauriel Tauriel comes from the fictional Sindarin language author J. R. R. Tolkien created for elves and hobbits. The name means ‘forest maiden.'
  • Vanadevi Vanadevi is a female Hindu name from Sanskrit. It represents the ‘goddess of the forest.'
  • Xylene/Xyleena The name Xylene is of Greek origin. It means ‘forest dweller.'
  • Xylophia Xylophia means ‘forest lover.’ It is a Greek name for girls.

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