There is perhaps no other more feminine flower than the rose. Both delicate and divine, the rose is a beautiful creation of nature. Explore this list of girl names that mean rose to find an equally-as-beautiful name for your daughter.

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  • Akahana is a Japanese girl's name that merges the word oka, meaning red, and hana, which means flower. The name translates to red rose and is pronounced ah-kah-HAH-nah.
  • Altansarnai The Mongolian name Altansarnai means ‘golden rose.' It is a girl's name that is popular among those who practice Buddhism.
  • Aysegul Pronounced EYE-shay-gool, the girl's moniker Aysegul means ‘living rose.' It is of Turkish origin and combines the Arabic name Aisha (living) with the Persian word gul (rose).
  • Bara Bara comes from Hebrew and Japanese roots. It is a feminine name that refers to a rose.
  • Bellerose Bellerose is a delicate-sounding feminine moniker that means ‘beautiful rose.' It is of French and English origins.
  • Briallen- is a girl's name of Welsh origin that means primrose. It's the perfect name for a girl born in the spring.
  • Bryluen Bryluen is a Cornish name that dates back to the ancient Celtic language. This feminine moniker is pronounced bree-LOO-an.
  • Caroa Caroa is a sweet Native American moniker. It is a feminine name that represents a blooming rose.
  • Humra The moniker Humra is perfect for a baby girl. It is rooted in the Arabic language. The name, which is popular in Muslim communities, refers to a beautiful rose.
  • Kaksha Kaksha is a feminine name rooted in the Hindi language. It means ‘white flower' or ‘white rose.'
  • Loxi is a sassy girl's name that means ‘a rose with a pink stem.' It is primarily given to girls born to parents of the Hindu religion.
  • Nitzana Nitzana is of Hebrew origin. It is a female moniker that refers to a rosebud.
  • Raizel The name Raizel is a popular female name in Israel. It is a Yiddish moniker that translates to rose.
  • Rhoda Rhoda is another name for rose. It is a female moniker of Greek origin.
  • Rhoswen The moniker Rhoswen is a feminine name of Welsh origin. The name describes a ‘white rose.'
  • Rosa The name is rooted in several languages and has multiple meanings. In Latin, the name is associated with a ‘fragrant rose.' In English, the moniker refers to a ‘little rose.'
  • Rosabel Rosabel is a charming girl's name of Latin origin. It signifies a ‘beautiful rose.'
  • Rosalind- in a Spanish girl's name. It was very popular in the 1940s and means ‘pretty rose.'
  • Rose– The name Rose Anna combines two names of Latin and Hebrew origin. It also has roots in the Old Germanic language and includes the variant, Roseanna.
  • RosemarieRosemarie blends the names Rose and Marie. It is a French moniker with multiple definitions, including a rose flower.
  • Rositais a feminine moniker of English origin. The name is associated with honor and kindness and means ‘queen of roses.'
  • Roz The female name Roz refers to a ‘pretty rose.' It has roots in the Latin language.
  • Sarnai Sarnai is a Mongolian moniker. It's a beautiful floral name that represents a rose.
  • Sirvard Sirvard is a common girl's name in Armenia. It means ‘love rose.
  • Zaria- is a feminine Arabic moniker that means rose. It is also the name of a metropolis in Nigeria. Variations of the name include Zariah and Zariyah.

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