From Amica and Amity to Philomena, Ruth and beyond, this list of girl names that mean friend is filled with some beautiful and feminine options to consider. Explore the list and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Amica Amica is a feminine moniker of Latin origin. It means ‘loved friend.'
  • AmityWith a name like Amity, your little socialite may very well be the Belle of the Ball. It has English and Latin roots and translates to ‘friendship and harmony.'
  • Anissa – Anissa is the English version of Agnes. It is an Arabic-origin name meaning friendly. Actress Anissa Jones gets the credit for the increase in popularity. In the mid-60s, the name soared after she appeared as the character Buffy on the TV show Family Affair. She was born Mary Annisa Jones but dropped her first name to honor her Lebanese heritage.
  • CaraThe name Cara is a feminine moniker of Latin origin. It's a popular choice in Ireland and refers to a ‘dear friend.'
  • Damica The name Damica is a female moniker of French origin. It refers to a person who has a ‘friendly, open spirit.'
  • Edwina Edwina is an old-fashioned name that topped the charts from 1943 through 1969. It has Old English roots and points to a ‘wealthy friend.'
  • Elvine Elvine is the feminine version of the name Elvin. It is an English-origin name meaning ‘noble friend.'
  • Faunia Faunia is a Latin name. It’s a variation of Fauna, and means ‘to befriend.’
  • Filia Filia is a lovely feminine name of Greek origin. It symbolizes friendship.
  • Hetal From the Indian language, Hetal means friendly. The name also conveys happiness.
  • Inas The name Inas translates to friendliness. It is rooted in the Arabic language.
  • Nita Nita is a female moniker of Hindi, Hebrew, and Choctaw origins. The name is pronounced NIH-TAH and means friendly.
  • Philomena Philomena is a feminine moniker meaning friend. It has English, German, and Greek roots.
  • RayaThe name Raya makes a lovely alternative to Maya. This feminine moniker has Hebrew roots.
  • Rowena Rowena is a Welsh moniker. It refers to a ‘famous friend.'
  • RuthThe name Ruth is of Hebrew origin. The Bible describes Ruth as a ‘compassionate friend.' One of the most notable namesakes of the moniker is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • Safiyya In Arabic, Safiyya means best friend. You pronounce this name sah-FEE-yah.
  • Sameria Sameria is a sweet-sounding name for a friendly girl. It originates from the Arabic language and refers to having an evening conversation with a friend.
  • Shepry Hopefully, baby Shepry lives up to her name. This American moniker points to a ‘friendly and honest mediator.'
  • Sumitra The meaning of Sumitra is ‘good friend’. It is an Indian origin name that comes from the Sanskrit name su, which means good and mitra, meaning friend.
  • Taffy Taffy is a fun moniker of Welsh and English origins. The name means friend.
  • Winifred In addition to its connection to the English language, Wendy has Welsh and German roots. The name conveys ‘one who brings peace' or a ‘friend of peace.'
  • Winna Winna is an African-Kele name meaning friend. Alternate spellings include Wynna and Wynnah.
  • Winola Winola is a feminine moniker of German origin. This moniker symbolizes a ‘charming friend.'
  • Yadira Yadira is a favored female moniker in the Latino community. It has Hebrew roots and refers to a friend.

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