This list of boy names that mean justice is filled with some incredibly unique and handsome names. For example, Justin means “righteous, impartial, and lawful.” And Denzill, which is unusual, means “one who follows truth and justice.” Check out the baby names below and see if one strikes you as the ideal name for your son.

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  • Delun Delun is a Chinese name. It means ‘one who serves justice’ or ‘one who is just to all.’
  • Dempster From Scottish and English roots, Dempster refers to a ‘judge' or ‘arbiter of disputes.' Initially, it was considered a feminine form of the masculine demere. Soon after, it evolved from a unisex name to a male moniker.
  • Denzill Denzill is an English name, meaning ‘one who follows truth and justice.' It's also a variant of Denzel, a place in Cornwall.
  • Fasel Fasel is of Arabic origin. It means ‘justice' or to justify.'
  • Haki Haki has roots in several languages. In Swahili, it means ‘truth’ and in Albanian, it means ‘justice.’
  • Hossam – Hossam derives from the Arabic name
    Husam, meaning ‘sharp sword' or ‘sword of justice.' It is a masculine moniker.
  • Inshaf is an Indian name of Arabic origin. It means ‘equity' or justice.'
  • JustinThe name Justin is a masculine moniker of Latin origin. It remains one of the top picks for boys and means ‘righteous, impartial, lawful.'
  • JustusIf you're teetering between the names Justin and Justice, Justus makes a fitting choice. It has German, Latin, and Dutch roots and was carried by St. Justus of Canterbury, St. Justus of Lyons, and St. Justus of Beauvais.
  • LamontFrom Old Norse, Lamont refers to someone who ‘upholds the law.' The name slides up and down the ladder of popularity and includes the alternates Lamonte and Lamonde.
  • Macaulay – It’s no surprise that this name became popular after Macaulay Culkin played in the movie Home Alone. It’s a Scottish-origin name, meaning ‘son of righteousness.’
  • Marshall Marshall has Old French, Germanic, and English roots. As such, it takes on several meanings. Besides a high military rank, it’s a title given to law enforcement officers charged with ‘upholding justice.’ It’s also the surname of the first African American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall.
  • Masanori Masanori is a boy’s name of Japanese origin. It means ‘model of justice.’
  • MicahThe actual meaning of the name Micah translates to he ‘who is like God.' In the Bible, the prophet Micah predicted God would bring justice to his people by destroying Jerusalem and Samaria and then restoring the Judean state.
  • Nemesio Nemesio is a Spanish name, meaning, ‘he who gives justice fairly.’ You pronounce this name Ney-MEY-Siy-ow.
  • Nima Nema is a masculine name of Persian origin. It means ‘just and fair.' It also means ‘blessing' in Hebrew.
  • Nithik Nithik is a boy's name. It is of Indian origin and refers to the ‘master of justice.'
  • Qazi From a Persian form of Arabic, Qazi refers to one who ‘ensures justice.' The name is generally given to boys in Muslim communities.
  • Rashid Rashid is a boy’s name widely used in Muslim communities. It is of Arabic origin, and means judicious.’
  • Rashnu The name Rashnu goes back to the 6th century B.C. In Zoroastrian scripture, Rashnu refers to the ‘god of justice.’
  • Seiji Seiji means ‘lawful and just.’ It is a popular name shared by Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa.
  • Snithik Snithik means ‘master of justice.' It is of Indian origin and also means ‘friendly.'
  • Tyr Tyr is a male moniker of Old Norse origin. In Norse mythology, Tyr represents the ‘god of justice.'
  • Uriel In some religions, Uriel is known as the archangel responsible for sounding the trumpet on Judgement Day. The name, pronounced OO-ree-ehl, stems from Hebrew.
  • Zedekiah From the Hebrew, Zedekiah means ‘justice of Yahweh.' In the Bible, Zedekiah was the last king of Judah.

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