From Adonis to Nashua to Kauno and beyond, this list of boy names that mean beauty is filled with a variety of options that are both beautiful and masculine at once. Peruse the list and select the perfect option for your son!

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  • AdonisAdonis is a masculine moniker from the Semitic word Adonai. Despite its meaning (lord), the name refers to an attractive young man in Greek mythology who loved Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.
  • AllenThe name Allen has different etymologies. The Celtic-origin definition refers to one who is ‘bright and beautiful.'
  • Beale Beale has French and English origins. The masculine moniker means ‘fair and handsome.'
  • Beaufort Borrowed from a surname, the male moniker Beaufort is of French origin. The name is also associated with the Beaufort family of 14th century and 15th-century England. It also refers to a castle in Champagne, France.
  • Eder – Eder has Basque roots. It means good-looking.
  • Faron The moniker Faron is of French and English origin. It is a masculine name that refers to a ‘handsome servant.' The “Hillbilly Heartthrob,” Faron Young, also bore this moniker.
  • Hassan Hassan is an Arabic moniker meaning handsome. Since 1971, the name has ranked as one of the most popular choices among Arab parents.
  • Iorwerth- YAORWeh-R-TH, this moniker comes from two Welsh words: ior, which means lord, and berth, meaning handsome. Also, multiple Welsh kings bore the name.
  • Jong-Su -From Sino-Korean, Jong-Su is a boy's name. It blends the words jong, which means lineage or ancestry, and su, meaning beautiful or luxuriant.
    Kalyan – Not only is Kalyan a captivating male moniker, it means ‘beautiful and auspicious.' It's of Sanskrit origin. KAL-yan is the proper pronunciation.
  • Kavanaugh Kavanaugh is a pleasant-sounding moniker from the Irish surname O'Kavanaugh. Several Leinster kings bore this name.
  • Kauno – From the Finnish word kaunis, Kauno is a boy's name meaning attractive. Kuono is a variant of this name.
    Keefe – The moniker Keefe is a form of the surname O'Caoimh. Not to be confused with the Irish name Keith, meaning wood, Keefe is an Irish moniker that means ‘handsome and noble.'
  • Kenneth – Kenneth has Irish and Scottish origins. The male moniker comes from the Gaelic name Cainnech or Coinneach.
    Kevin – Another Irish name meaning handsome, Kevin derives from Caoimhin. The moniker became popularized in the 17th century after Saint Kevin established the scholastic monastery in County Wicklow, Ireland.
    Krasimir – Krasimir is a Bulgarian name of Slavic origin. It combines krasa (beautiful) and mir (tranquility).
  • Malkhaz Malkhaz is a unique Georgian name. It signifies ‘beauty, youth, and elegance.'
  • Nashua Nashua refers to a ‘beautiful stream.' It's also the name of a city in New Hampshire named after an indigenous Algonquian tribe.
  • Shaquille- name may be popular because of the talented basketball player Shaquille O'Neal. But it has a long history. The moniker derives from the Arabic word shakil, which means ‘well-formed, or good-looking.'
  • Sunder- culture considers Sunder a boy's name. Sunder derives from the Sanskrit word sundara, which symbolizes beauty. People also used this name to refer to the Hindu god Krishna.
  • Thanush The name Thanush stems from a Hindu word. It is a male moniker that means ‘good and beautiful.'
  • Wasim Wasim is a masculine Arabic name, pointing to a handsome person. A few parents spell the name Wassim.
  • Zahi-Zahi is a male name conveying ‘beauty and brilliance.' It stems from the Arabic language.
    Zane – If you're looking for a name that's short and sweet, Zane makes a terrific option. This name has multiple origins. However, it is mainly associated with Semitic languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Alternate spellings include Zayn or Zain.
  • Zinedine Zinedine is a masculine moniker. It is rooted in the Arabic language and denotes ‘beauty of the faith.'

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