From Gaith to Junpei to Sterling and beyond, this list of boy names that mean pure is filled with a lovely selection of masculine monikers. Peruse the list and fine the perfect fit for your son.

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  • Abriz Abriz is a favored boy's moniker in Muslim communities. The name is of Arabic origin and refers to the ‘purest form of gold.'
  • Akalush The masculine name Akalush has Celtic and Hindi roots. This rare ancient name conveys ‘eternal purity.'
  • AmalAmal is a boy's moniker with Indian and Lebanese roots. It is a common name among families of the Hindu religion.
  • Anzar An Arabic name meaning ‘pure gold or silver.' In Islamic communities, Anzar translates to ‘Angel of paradise.'
  • Candido Candido derives from the Latin root candida. The name is associated with the color white and the concept of salvation and purity.
  • Davante Davante is a modern English name that means ‘pure and loving.' Variants of this name include De'vonte, Devante, and Devontae.
  • Gaith Gaith is an Arabic moniker. This boy's name refers to ‘one who is pure as the rain.'
  • Gower Gower is an old Welsh name meaning pure. It's also a name inspired by characters in two of Shakespeare's plays. In Henry IV, Gower enters as a messenger, and in Henry V, Gower is an English captain.
  • Halis Pronounced HAH-lees, this name describes someone who is ‘uncomplicated and pure.' It's a boy's moniker of Turkish origin.
  • Jaivik Jaivik is a cute Indian name that symbolizes ‘pure and divine.' Boys with this moniker usually come from Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil communities.
  • Jerome Jerome is a sacred name stemming from ancient Greek. Bearers of this name include Saint Jerome, a Roman Christian priest; Jerome Kern, an American music composer; and Jerome Bettis, an American football player. Variants of the name include Gerome and Geronimo.
  • Junpei The name Junpei is a Japanese moniker. It derives from jun (pure) and pei (peaceful).
  • Kethan Kethan is a popular Indian name among the people of Tamil. Ketan is a variant of this name, which means ‘pure gold.'
  • Mehan- is a male moniker. The name has Indian roots and refers to ‘one who is pure.'
  • Naqi Pronounced NA-kee, this Arabic-origin name means ‘pure and clean.' It is common among boys in Urdu-speaking families.
  • Omna Omna has Welsh roots. This boy's name translates to ‘pure and sacred.'
  • Raiq Raiq is a male moniker. This Arabic-origin name describes a person who is ‘serene and pure.'
  • Sachin Sachin has roots in Indic languages. The moniker comes from the Sanskrit name Shachindra. This boy's name is common in India and means ‘pure essence' or ‘one who is pure at heart.'
  • Safi Safi comes from the Arabic word safi. It is a masculine name signifying purity.
  • SterlingSterling means ‘genuine or high-quality.' It is a male name of English and Germanic origin. In the Bible, Sterling denotes ‘excellent quality.'
  • Tahir Tahir derives from the Arabic tahir, meaning ‘pure and virtuous.' It also refers to a religious ritual of ‘purity and cleanliness.'
  • Thuan From the Sino-Vietnamese, Thuan means ‘clean and pure.' You enunciate this masculine moniker with the TW sound as in Twun.
  • Vimal- is a masculine Indian moniker of Sanskrit origin. The name refers to ‘one who is pure and untainted.
  • Visoth The meaning of Visoth is ‘heavenly and pure.' It is a masculine name of Arabic origin.
  • Zacchaeus Zacchaeus has roots in many languages, including Australian, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. The moniker symbolizes ‘cleanliness and purity.' In the Bible, Zacchaeus was a tax collector, who gave half his earnings to charity.

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