When people think of a creator, images of God, other powerful forces or presences, or those who produce important goods and services often come to mind. It is therefore not surprising that people honor that strength and power by giving their child any of these baby names that mean creator. Take a look at these options and find a great name for your little one!

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  • Naman Those who converse in Hindi might title a newborn son or daughter Naman. In said tongue, the moniker translates into the phrase one who bows down to or shows respect for the creator. It is popularly given to children born into the Hindu faith. Moreover, it was once also common in Judaism.
  • Olufemi This unisex designation holds African roots. It means the creator loves us.
  • Nonnie Nonnie is a name that can be given to both boys and girls. In Latin, the denomination begs to ask who is the creator. At one time, the honorific was popularly handed down to infants born into the Jewish faith.
  • Chuke Igbo-speaking subjects might denominate a baby girl or boy Chuke. In English, the offering symbolizes God’s creations.
  • Chijioke Chijioke is a gender-neutral moniker. It also originated in the Igbo language and is interpreted into the expression God is in charge of creation.
  • Tulugaak This male title was first handed out by the Inuit people. In their native tongue, Tulugaak celebrates the creator of light.
  • Sanjona Persons born in Nepal or possessing Napalese heritage might designate a newborn girl Sanjona. In Nepali, this honorific honors the creator. Moreover, it is typically given to adherents of the Hindu faith.
  • Aarth Aarth is a masculine title bearing significant Indian ancestry. In many of that nation's dialects, the offering pays tribute to the creator or supreme being. Additionally, the title is commonly bestowed upon boys born to Hindu parents.
  • Adhaya Sanskrit-conversing individuals may honor an infant daughter with the designation Adhaya. In English, the offering recognizes the first creator.
  • Balkar Balkar is a title typically handed down in India. It means the mighty creator.
  • Mihaela This feminine title celebrates the creator of the world. Its origins are Hebrew and is now commonly seen in numerous cultures and languages.
  • Harnarayan This Indian denomination is given to boys. It recognizes God as the supreme being.
  • Kainaat The name Kainaat is a feminine moniker. It enjoys both Arabic and Urdu ancestries. When translated from said tongues, it symbolizes all of creation.
  • Futaih Persons born in Arabic-conversing cultures might opt to designate their newborn boys Futaih. In English, the offering means creation.
  • Daifa Daifa is a female honorific also possessing Arabic origins. In said language, it symbolizes majestic creation.
  • Akikara The Sanskrit language boasts the masculine title Adikara’s heritage. The offering salutes the first creator.
  • Bari This female moniker holds Hebrew and Arabic beginnings. In those tongues, Bari honors the creator.
  • Daibaidin Daibaidin is a boy’s name brought to prominence by the Hindu faith. Language historians maintain that the honorific recognizes the creator of religion.
  • Fatiha Persons born in Arabic-speaking countries might favor Fatiha as a title for infant girls. In English, the moniker symbolizes the first creation.
  • Osgood This masculine title first gained notoriety when the old Tuetonic languages were spoken. Osgood honors the divine creator. In addition, the title is a well-known surname.
  • Mumbi The female moniker Mumbi was first seen in the African nation of Kenya. Language experts suggest that the name translates into the phrase the mother of the people.
  • Ariad Ariad is recognized as an Indian honorific given to newborn males. The designation salutes the creator and ruler of the universe.
  • Nomy Hebrew-speaking Moms and Dads may choose to title newborn daughters Nomy. In said tongue, the denomination is interpreted into the expression no one is equal to the creator.
  • Bijin Bijin’s origins are Indian. The masculine designation honors the cosmic creator.
  • Aashalata This female name holds Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil language roots. When translated from these Indian dialects, Aashalata salutes the creator of hope. Furthermore, the moniker is usually bestowed upon girls born into the Hindu religion.

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