From Eulalio to Haluk to Goren and every name in between, each of these boy names that mean gentle is unusual and impactful. Peruse the list, explore the meanings and origins of each, and find the perfect name for your child.

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  • Laban Religious parents might honor their newborn son with the offering Laban. This title originated in the bible and symbolizes gentleness. However, language historians claim that the denomination also means shining and white.
  • Abijah Abijah is a Hebrew designation intended for boys. When interpreted from said tongue, the moniker celebrates those bearing gentleness. However, some argue that the offering also translates into the expression the Lord Is My Father.
  • Haluk Males born to Turkish families may receive the title Haluk. In said language, the moniker celebrates people who are kind and display a good nature.
  • Rafiq Arabic boasts the language origins of the masculine offering Rafiq. The denomination symbolizes gentleness, kindness, and compassion.
  • Sohal The beginnings of this boy’s name date back to when Sanskrit was a popular communication form. When interpreted from that language, Sohal recognizes delicateness.
  • Salomon In Hebrew, the male designation Salomon honors gentleness. That said, the moniker enjoys different spellings and variations seen in numerous cultures.
  • Abhiratra This title also dates back to when Sanskrit was a popular form of communication. The name means soft. That said, historians opine that the offering also symbolizes humbleness.
  • Jacintho Jacintho is a male honorific. Its history can be traced back to Spain and Portugal. In Spanish and Portuguese, the denomination salutes gentle and kind individuals.
  • Adiel This masculine name holds Hebrew roots. When interpreted from the ancient tongue, Adiel means gentle and servile.
  • Eulalio Greek mothers and fathers or new parents of Greek extraction may designate an infant son Eulalio. According to the historical language, the offering means soft spoken.
  • Graziano Italian Moms and Dads might agree to denominate baby boys Graziano. When interpreted from the popular Romance language, it means gentle. The name is also thought to represent sensitivity and persons with good hearts.
  • Hanvesh Hanvesh is a male moniker owing its existence to India. In said nation’s numerous dialects, the name celebrates softness and humbleness.
  • LevarThis boy’s offering holds American roots. In American-English, Levar recognizes soft-spoken subjects. A famous bearer is actor and child educational activist Levar Burton.
  • Soumy The male title also dates back to the Sanskrit era. In English, Soumy honors those possessing soft hearts. Moreover, it is typically awarded to persons born into the Hindu faith.
  • Mardav Mardav is an Indian offering given to boys. It means soft, delicate, and simple. In addition, the moniker is usually handed down to Hindu adherents.
  • Osgar Osgar is a masculine Norwegian name. In Norse, it represents softness. However, language professionals maintain that bright and radiant are also acceptable meanings.
  • Amauricus In Greek, Amauricus celebrates soft spoken people. However, some argue that the male title also symbolizes unselfish and analytical souls.
  • Demarcus Demarcus is a Latin offering bestowed upon infant boys. In English, it symbolizes softness and tenderness. A noted current holder is basketball star Demarcus Cousins.
  • Goren The roots of this boy’s name are English. Goren honors persons possessing soft hearts and sensitivity.
  • Guthred Parents fond of Old English might denominate a baby boy Guthred. In said language, it salutes gentle, caring, and unselfish souls.
  • Chisholm Boys born to Scottish Moms and Dads might be titled Chisholm. In the Scottish tongue, the offering symbolizes softness. It is also a relatively common surname.
  • Greeshawn The male denomination Greeshawn was first noted in Great Britain. It recognizes those displaying gentle, kind, and humble natures.
  • Lalitya Lalitya is a boy’s moniker most commonly seen in India. It means gentle and soft. However, historians suggest that the title also honors good looking or physically appealing subjects.
  • Lotfi Arabic-conversing people have likely heard of the masculine honorific Lotfi. In said tongue, it regards attributes like softness and tenderness.
  • JonathonJonathan is a Hebrew designation with origins dating back to biblical times. It means soft-spoken and kind.

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