Lay the foundation for your child to be a kind and gentle human being when you give her one of these girl names that mean gentle. From Winnie to Yalina to Euletta and beyond, each is feminine and unique. Take a look!

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  • Atubah Mothers and fathers residing in Arabic-speaking nations might title a newborn daughter Atubah. The name celebrates gentle, soft, and delicate individuals. Moreover, it is often handed down to girls born into the Muslim faith.
  • Euletta This Greek and Spanish-originating title is bestowed upon girls. Euletta honors soft-spoken persons.
  • Gungun Gungun is a girl’s name. When interpreted from several Indian dialects, it salutes souls with soft natures and warm hearts. Moreover, the moniker is most often seen in those practicing the Hindu faith.
  • Yalina The language origins of the feminine title Yalina are Arabic. In English, this moniker celebrates gentle souls. Furthermore, the name is typically given to Muslim people.
  • Sieglind German-conversing subjects may opt to title an infant daughter Sieglind. In that tongue, the offering means gentle victory.
  • Velouette This feminine title holds Romania origins. When interpreted from said tongue, Velouette symbolizes soft-spoken females.
  • Nuon The moniker Nuon was first used in Cambodia. In Cambodian, the designation recognizes softness and tenderness.
  • Rakhas Daughters born in Arabic-speaking countries may be designated Rakhas. This offering honors those displaying soft, delicate, and gentle tendencies.
  • Ruwayd The Arabic tongue also serves as the foundation for the feminine name Ruwayd. The name is interpreted into the description soft breeze. Alternatively, it salutes leaders.
  • Amalthea The female honorific Amalthea possesses Greek ancestry. It represents persons with soft hearts. Moreover, in Greek mythology, Amalthea was the figure who nursed the famed God Zeus during his infancy.
  • Herlinde This denomination was first handed down in Germany. In German, Herlinde means gentle and soft. In addition, the title recognizes friendliness.
  • Lamai Lamai originated in Thailand. According to the Thai tongue, the moniker celebrates soft-spoken and nurturing subjects.
  • JenniferThe popular female offering Jennifer hails from Wales. When translated from Welsh, it symbolizes fair and soft individuals. However, historians maintain that the title also means blessed and holy. Additionally, the denomination can be spelled several different ways. One of its most famous current bearers is actress and singer Jennifer Holiday.
  • Melba The girl’s name Melba owes its existence to the nation of Greece. In Greek, the honorific means soft. A noted holder is singer Melba Moore.
  • Emmi Emmi is a feminine moniker holding Greek and German origins. In those languages, it means soft. Friendly is also an accepted definition. The name also enjoys several accepted spellings.
  • Deeba India is the birthplace of the lady’s title Deeba. The name is interpreted into the expression soft as silk.
  • Phoolan Phoolan is also a name given to Indian girls. The title represents softness and tenderness. Furthermore, it is most commonly bestowed upon those born into the Hindu religion.
  • Uliana The moniker Uliana possesses a Hebrew heritage. In English, it means soft-haired. Historians maintain that the name is popularly handed down to girls born to Jewish parents.
  • Milani This Hawaiian title is handed down to girls. It means soft. However, affectionate is also a recognized definition.
  • Winnie Winnie is a Native American name awarded to infant girls. Language experts claim that the moniker honors softness and gentleness.
  • Tsumugi The designation Tsumugi owes its existence to the Japanese language. In English, the honorific is interpreted to mean soft cloth. In addition, the title is usually bestowed by Buddhist parents.
  • Narmin The Persian tongue birthed the female name Narmin. In said language, it celebrates gentle girls.
  • Saba The roots of this feminine denomination are Arabic. According to the widely spoken Middle Eastern tongue, Saba symbolizes soft breezes. Moreover, the name is mainly given to those born into the Islamic religion.
  • Puji Puji is an Indian title. The female designation salutes gentleness, tenderness, and softness. Usually, it is handed down to daughters born to Hindu mothers and fathers.
  • Chenile The origins of this female honorific are American. In American-English, the moniker celebrates soft-skinned women.

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