As humans, we all grow and change throughout our lives. Celebrate that evolution of life by giving your daughter one of these girl names that mean transformation. From Pallavi to Nyssa to Thea and beyond, each of these baby names is delightful and feminine. Take a look!

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  • Ashnah Ashnah is a female title. This name dates back to biblical times. Language historians maintain that the designation celebrates change.
  • Javeria Mothers and fathers hailing from Spain, Latin America or other Spanish-conversing enclaves might denominate newborn daughters Javeria. In English, the moniker means new house.
  • Rishona Rishona is a common girl’s name in the Hebrew-speaking world. In said tongue, the honorific means the first.
  • Sayara Moms and Dads of Indian extraction may opt to designate baby girls Sayara. When interpreted from various Indian dialects, the offering represents a new star.
  • Signe The feminine label Signe’s roots were planted in Scandinavian culture. In the languages spoken by the peoples of said nations, the name salutes new victories.
  • Pallavi Pallavi is a girl’s denomination. In various Indian tongues, it honors those turning over new leaves.
  • Navjot The origins of this feminine title are also Indian. In English, Navjot recognizes new light.
  • Noema The Greek language contributed the name Noema to popular culture. In that tongue, the female moniker personifies the new moon.
  • AntonellaThis common girl’s name was first noted in Italy. In Italian, Antonella celebrates the first born.
  • NadiaNadia is a popular girl’s name. Though often seen in numerous cultures, its roots are French. It honors persons filled with hope for the future. A famous namesake is Romanian gold medal-winning gymnast Nadia Comeneci.
  • Nyssa The origins of the girl’s title Nyssa trace back to ancient Greece. In Greek, the moniker symbolizes the beginning.
  • Zorina Parents born in Slavic nations or those possessing Slavic ancestry may choose the designation Zorina for infant daughters. In various Slavic tongues, the offering celebrates the golden dawn.
  • TheaThis Greek honorific is given to baby girls. Pronounced Tay-uh, the name salutes the mother of the dawn.
  • Roxana The title Roxana’s seeds were planted in Persia. In Persian, it means dawn. In addition, the offering can be spelled several different ways.
  • Nasima Arabic-conversing Moms and Dads might favor Nasima as a label for infant girls. In English, it personifies fresh air.
  • AuroraAurora is a feminine denomination. In Latin, it recognizes the dawn.
  • Aviva This is a common Hebrew feminine title. In said tongue, Aviva celebrates the springtime. Alternatively, the name means fresh.
  • Ausra The female moniker Ausra’s beginnings can be traced to Lithuania. In the Baltic language, this honorific exemplifies the dawn.
  • Alba Alba is a girl’s name. When interpreted from Latin, it represents the sunrise. The title is also a known surname. A famous bearer is actress Jessica Alba.
  • Charise French speakers might designate newborn daughters Charise. This name salutes hopeful people. Additionally, the moniker can be spelled using different letter combinations.
  • Cerelia This honorific enjoys Latin ancestry. In English, Ceralia exemplifies the dawning of spring.
  • Winona The Sioux Native American tribe is credited with producing this female offering. In the Sioux tongue, Winona means first born. The name enjoys numerous recognized spellings. A famous holder is Golden Globe Award-winning actress Winona Ryder.
  • Iola Iola is a female designation. Its language origins are Greek. When interpreted from said communication form, it honors a violet-colored dawn.
  • HopeThis classic and popular feminine moniker holds English ancestry. It salutes dreams or future aspirations.
  • Alula Alula is an Arabic title. The female name means first step in said language.

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