Human beings are imperfect and make their fair share of mistakes. Fortunately, however, many can be saved and do indeed redeem themselves. In light of this fact, numerous ethnic groups honor redemption as a sacred quality and name their children accordingly. Here is a list of baby names that mean redemption you'll enjoy exploring.

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  • Frances This unisex title holds English roots. It means redeemed or free.
  • Geuel The gender-neutral moniker Geuel dates back to biblical times. Language historians suggest that the name translates into the phrase the redemption of God.
  • Iphedeiah Linguistic experts also trace the honorific Iphedeiah to the bible. The designation that can be bestowed upon both boys and girls means the redemption of the Lord.
  • Shebo Shebo is a denomination seen in men and women. The title is most common in African tribal people and represents redemption.
  • Oforkaja This unisex offering is often handed out by the Igbo people of Nigeria. In their native tongue, Oforkaja symbolizes both redemption and truth.
  • Xalvador The origins of this masculine moniker are Spanish. In the widely spoken tongue, Xalvador personifies the savior. In addition, variations of the name exist using different spellings.
  • Sanda Those born in Romania or possessing Romanian heritage might designate newborn daughters Sanda. When interpreted from Romanian, the label honors wise protectors and saviors. The title is also a variant of the male denomination Sandu.
  • Gaizka Gaizka is a male offering introduced to the world's pool of names by the Basque people. In their native language, the honorific means savior.
  • Fadia Persons hailing from Arabic-speaking countries might denominate infant girls Fadia. In the widely spoken Middle-Eastern tongue, the label celebrates the savior and redemption.
  • LiamLiam is a popular boy’s name. It possesses Irish ancestry and means unwavering savior. One of its more famous bearers is noted actor Liam Neeson.
  • Sela Sela is a feminine name holding African roots. When translated from various African tribal languages, the moniker means savior.
  • Misham This male label first circulated in the Old Testament. Language and history professionals maintain that the name translates into the expression their savior.
  • Hola Mothers and fathers born into various African tribes might title baby girls Hola. This designation embodies the savior.
  • Najjad Najjad is a boy’s title. In Arabic, it means savior.
  • Aminta Persons born of Greek extraction or those fond of said culture might name infant daughters Aminta. In the ancient tongue, the denomination pays tribute to redeemers.
  • XavierThe Basque and Latin languages hold the historical origins of the masculine label Xavier. It means savior or redeemer. Arguably, its most famous possessor is the late band leader Xavier Cugat.
  • Tersem Tersem is a name given to girls. It holds Latin and Indian roots. It salutes the perfect savior.
  • Sosthenes Language experts trace the name Sosthenes to biblical times. Said professionals maintain that the male title celebrates the savior.
  • Moke Moke is a feminine label first growing to prominence in Hawaii. When interpreted from Hawaiian, it honors the savior.
  • Taarank Persons of Indian ancestry might opt to title newborn boys Taarank. In various Indian dialects, the designation translates into the phrase savior to all.
  • RamonaThe origins of this female moniker are Spanish. In English, Ramona honors the wise savior. Alternatively, it means protector. Moreover, it is a diminutive of the male label Ramon.
  • Salvino Salvino is a masculine designation. Its heritage is Latin. When interpreted from the ancient language, it means salvation. Additionally, the honorific symbolizes protection.
  • Adarbjorg Parents of Icelandic backgrounds may designate newborn girls Adarbjorg. In Icelandic, the offering recognizes the savior and individuals who protect.
  • Vaikuntha This Indian title is bestowed upon boys. It celebrates the savior and is usually seen in persons born into the Hindu faith.
  • Branislava Eastern European history experts maintain that this female denomination’s roots are Slavic. When interpreted from various Slavic tongues, Branislava honors the glorious redeemer and savior.

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