From Jones to Alweo to Arien and beyond, this variety-filled list of boy names that mean dream is packed with plenty of handsome options. Explore the list and find the perfect fit for your son.

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  • Endri Albanian parents might designate newborn boys Endri. In their native tongue, the moniker celebrates a dreamer.
  • Ikelos Ikelos is a masculine Greek moniker. In ancient Greece, Ikelos was the God of the Nightmare. In addition, he is the son of Nyx, the God of the Night.
  • Gudea Gudea is a boy’s name with roots traveling back to the Sumerian period. In Sumerian, the honorific honors its culture’s king bearing the same name.
  • Alweo – This is a masculine, Latin title. It means dream.
  • Ialu Persons of Egyptian heritage might denominate a newborn boy Ialu. The moniker honors dreamers.
  • KhamariKhamari is a name those communicating in several African dialects might bestow upon newborn sons. This title recognizes dreamers.
  • Jones Jones is a masculine boy’s name. It is derived from Old English and is interpreted to the expression dream big. Moreover, it is a common surname in English-conversing nations.
  • Gramercy Subjects of French extraction may opt to designate infant boys Gramercy. The title honors dreams.
  • Ceeven The name Ceeven is typically handed down to boys born to parents practicing the Hindu faith. The moniker celebrates dreams.
  • Chavez The masculine designation Chavez has Spanish roots. In said tongue, this honorific means dream maker. Additionally, the name is a popular surname in Spanish-conversing countries.
  • Bruadar Those speaking or who are fond of the Gaelic language might title infant males Bruadar. This denomination symbolizes the dream.
  • Arien Arien’s roots are Greek. The male moniker pays tribute to a dreamy individual.
  • Joldewin Joldewin is a boy’s name. When interpreted from old English, it celebrates dreamers.
  • Hulum The masculine title Hulum owes its existence to the Gaelic language. Speakers of this tongue honor the dream when naming newborn boys said designation.
  • Baduli Indian-born parents might bestow the name Baduli on infant boys. In various Indian dialects, the moniker translates to mean dreams.
  • Yeraz This masculine name is popularly given to newborn boys in the Arabic-conversing world. In English, Yeraz symbolizes dreams and is especially prevalent in Pakistan.
  • Ayuma Ayuma is a Japanese title awarded to boys. When interpreted from said tongue, it means dream or vision.
  • Swapan In India, Swapan is a designation handed down to boys. The title means dream.
  • Dilshad Sons born to Iranian parents might be named Dilshad. In Persian, this moniker represents a person with dreamy eyes.
  • Eidniuet Eidniuet is a unique, Welsh honorific. The title symbolizes a daydreamer.
  • Grantley Grantley is a classic, old English denomination awarded to male children. Those conversing in said language know it classifies one living in a dream world.
  • Greshawn This is another old English, male moniker. Greshawn represents a dreamer or ambitious subject.
  • JohnJohn is one of the most commonly awarded title in the English-speaking world. This old English denomination translates to the expression dream big.
  • Nehkham Adherents of the Sikh faith may designate newborn sons Nahkham. In various Indian dialects, the honorific stands for an individual who sacrifices their dreams enabling others to pursue theirs.
  • Sanal Persons of Mongolian extraction might choose to name infant boys Sanal. In Mongol, the name celebrates a memorable dream.

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