Dreams often make sleep pleasurable. Moreover, said events can inspire individuals to achieve lofty goals and reach inspiring heights during their waking hours. Therefore, no one should be surprised that parents may decide to name their newborn children in honor of these occurrences. Explore this list of baby names that mean dream, and find an option that fill the hopes and desires you have for your little one.

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  • Roya This gender-neutral name holds Persian roots. When translated from said tongue, the moniker symbolizes dreams or premonitions.
  • Amets Amets is a unisex title parents of Basque heritage might bestow upon their newborns. In the Basque language, the name symbolizes dreams.
  • Joydever Gaelic-conversing subjects might denominate an infant son or daughter Joydever. In this dialect, the honorific recognizes big dreams.
  • AshThose born in the English-speaking world might honor a newborn boy or girl with the moniker Ash. The name celebrates dreams.
  • Guifil Chomoru language speakers may designate infant children with the unisex title Guifil. It means dream and is popular amongst those residing in Guam and other Micronesian locations.
  • Cimon Individuals who either speak or are fond of Latin may name an infant son Cimon. When interpreted into English, the moniker means dreamy or sleepy.
  • Narcissa Narcissa is a feminine denomination. In Latin, the name celebrates dreaminess and sleepiness.
  • Swapnili Parents born into the Hindu faith might designate a baby son Swapnili. The denomination recognizes dreamlike states.
  • Mimoza Albanian-born persons or those in said nation’s diaspora might name newborn girls this moniker. In English, Mimoza means vision. Additionally, the honorific is a version of the Latin word mimus, which means dream.
  • Reve Reve is a French boy’s name. When interpreted from said tongue, it means dream.
  • Yerazig Persons of Armenian heritage may title female children Yerazig. In their native language, the denomination translates to the phrase little dream.
  • JosephThis biblical moniker is one of the most commonly awarded boy’s names in the world. Language historians dispute its specific language origins. However, no one disputes that the title celebrates the historical figure possessing the ability to interpret dreams.
  • Alora Individuals born into various African tribes might name newborn daughters Alora. Language experts maintain that the honorific translates to the expression my dream.
  • ArmanThe title Arman traces its roots to the Kazakh culture and language. In English, the moniker means dream or vision.
  • Aislin Aislin is a girl’s name commonly handed down by Irish-conversing subjects. The name symbolizes dreams and visions. Moreover, it holds several acceptable spellings.
  • Rasui This moniker is popular amongst Egyptian people. Language historians suggest that the masculine name represents dreams.
  • PenelopePenelope is a popular feminine name. In Greek, the title means dreaming. However, illusion and dream-weaving are other acceptable translations.
  • Morpheus The moniker Morpheus’s origins go as far back as ancient Greece. The male designation is a derivative of the word morphe, which translates to the expression God of Dreams.
  • Svajone Persons born in Lithuania or possessing said culture’s ancestry may designate newborn daughters Svajone. When translated from Lithuanian, the honorific means dream.
  • Ramiel Ramiel’s historical foundation lies in the Arabic and Hebrew languages. In said tongues, the masculine moniker is interpreted to symbolize visions.
  • Lourdes Lourdes is a feminine title. The title’s origins can be traced to the French town bearing the same name. It was here that a woman had several visions of the Blessed Virgin. Moreover, the village has become a Catholic pilgrimage site. Moreover, pop star Madonna’s daughter is named Lourdes.
  • Alwold Language experts are unsure of this moniker’s language roots. Said professionals do, however, maintain that the honorific celebrates a masterful person capable of making dreams come true.
  • Esperanza This is a relatively popular Spanish, feminine denomination. In English, the designation translates to the expression to hope or dream.
  • Almos Those holding Hungarian ancestry might name a newborn son Almos. The title means dream and is said to have originated in said nation’s legendary tales.
  • Kanasu Hindi-speaking subjects might choose to name infant daughters Kanasu. When interpreted from this language, the title symbolizes dreams.

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