What parent doesn't envision having a smart and capable child? Having a knowledgeable daughter may just start by giving her one of these girl names that mean knowledge. Here is a nice selection of feminine options that lay the foundation for a lifetime of brightness and brilliance.

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  • Satomi This feminine name carries Japanese roots. In the Asian tongue, Satomi symbolizes individuals possessing knowledge, cleverness, and intelligence.
  • Ronalda Ronalda is a girl’s name. The moniker’s origins are Scottish. In said language, it means knowledgeable. Moreover, it is the female variant of the male title Ronald.
  • Sumati The history of this feminine label began in India. When translated from the Hindi dialect, Sumati salutes wise people with good minds. Furthermore, it is most typically seen in the persons born into the Hindu faith.
  • BridgetParents throughout the world often designate newborn daughters Bridget. The title was first seen in Ireland. In Irish, the name celebrates exulted or wise subjects. That said, the title enjoys several acceptable spellings.
  • Emer Emer is a lady’s name. The denomination honors a mythological Irish Goddess said to possess great wisdom and knowledge.
  • Ismene This name holding significant Greek ancestry is awarded to newborn females. In the ancient tongue, Ismene is the namesake of a knowledgeable figure from Greek mythology.
  • Maiara Parents born into the Tupi Native-American tribe were first to name newborn daughters Maiara. In their language, the honorific salutes old and wise female relatives like great-grandmothers.
  • Medea The nations of Georgia and Greece are where this female title first grew to prominence. In said languages, Medea pays respect to cunning, knowledgeable, and wise counselors.
  • PrudencePrudence is a classic and proper female offering. It holds French and English origins and recognizes wise and skilled persons. The name was made famous by the Beatles in their hit song “Dear Prudence.”
  • Saraswati This denomination is most popularly seen in girls born to mothers and fathers conversing in Indian dialects like Hindi and Marathi. The name celebrates a namesake historians suggest was the Hindu Goddess of Learning and the Arts.
  • Tomoko Moms and Dads of Japanese extraction might designate infant girls Tomoko. In their native tongue, the moniker represents wisdom and intelligence.
  • Alysane Language historians maintain that this feminine name holds unknown origins. However, these same professionals do believe that the label recognizes those possessing the urge to gain knowledge.
  • Jomarie The beginnings of this female title can be traced back to Australia. In English, Jomarie salutes individuals who share knowledge.
  • Griselle The origins of this feminine title are Latin. When interpreted from the old tongue, Griselle honors persons possessing knowledge and intelligence.
  • Michiko Michiko is a common girl's name in Japan. In Japanese, the title recognizes those holding superior intelligence.
  • Philberta The name Philberta owes its creation to the English language. It means knowledgeable.
  • Gudruna The nations of Belgium and Germany are where the feminine title Gudruna first took hold. In German, Dutch, and French, the moniker celebrates those possessing divine knowledge.
  • Jinni Jinni is an English designation awarded to girls. It honors persons displaying knowledge and vision.
  • JulietteThough relatively popular throughout the world, the female honorific Juliette holds French and German heritage. In said western European tongues, the name honors people who enrich others with knowledge.
  • Aoj This denomination of unknown ancestry is given to infant females. That said, language experts do believe that the title represents individuals with a significant degree of inner wisdom and strength.
  • Dael Dael is a girl's name. When interpreted from its native Hebrew, the moniker means valley of knowledge.
  • Gyana In Hindi, Gyana salutes those brimming with knowledge. The name can be spelled using different letter combinations and has been adopted by numerous cultures.
  • Monisha Mothers and fathers born in India might choose to name newborn daughters Monisha. When interpreted from several of the nation's dialects, the moniker honors knowledgeable and intellectual subjects. Moreover, the title is most often given to those born into the Hindu faith.
  • Orlaith Orlaith is a designation given to girls. In Irish, the offering recognizes persons carrying spectacular knowledge.
  • Ilma The roots of the feminine title Ilma were planted in the Spanish and Latvian languages. In said tongues, the denomination represents intelligent and strong-willed individuals.

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