If you envision your baby girl growing into a strong, warrior-like young lady, perhaps give her one of these girl names that mean sword. Each name literally means sword, or it gives nod to this symbolic weapon that symbolizes power. Explore the options and find the perfect name for your daughterr.

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  • BrendaThe roots of this common female label were planted in Scotland. In the Scottish language, Brenda symbolizes a sword’s blade. A famous bearer is actress Brenda Vaccaro.
  • Katana Katana holds both Persian and Japanese origins. In addition, the feminine title means sword. Language experts also suggest that the moniker salutes those displaying honorable tendencies.
  • Agilmund This girl’s designation was first seen when high German was commonly spoken. The denomination represents a sword’s tip.
  • Sexburga The ancestry of this unique name is English. Sexburga is a female label signifying bright and sharp knives.
  • Suree Suree is an Indian honorific handed down to baby girls. In English, the name means sharp like a knife. Furthermore, it is most often seen in persons born into the Hindu faith.
  • Chakku The feminine title Chakku is Indian. When translated from the language’s numerous dialects, it symbolizes the knife.
  • Tulwa The Sikh faith-based moniker Tulwa is a feminine name. It means sword.
  • Onofledis German-born mothers and fathers may favor the label Onofledis for infant daughters. In English, it salutes women who show their swords.
  • Isberga Isberga also owes its existence to the German language. In said tongue, the honorific celebrates women who battle with swords.
  • Jamsaxa Jamsaxa is a Norwegian girl's name. In Norse, it means iron knife.
  • Ismelda This feminine label is also German. In said tongue, Ismelda honors women who fight with swords.
  • Iili Iili is a female denomination most often given to girls born to parents conversing in the Marathi tongue. In English, the name signifies a small sword.
  • Aasika Hindi speakers may choose to denominate infant daughters Aasika. When interpreted from the Indian dialect, the moniker symbolizes the dagger. Alternatively, it means sharp.
  • Bassheva This female offering is also native to India. It represents sharp-pointed objects.
  • Fir Many people know that fir is a type of tree. That said, it is also an Arabic designation given to girls. It means sharp weapon or sword.
  • Oddfrid The female designation Oddfrid’s language heritage began in Norway. In old Norse, the label recognizes the sharpness of a sword’s point.
  • Ogmunda Ogmunda is a female offering. In German, the title represents the sword. Additionally, it means protector.
  • Omine This feminine moniker has the distinction of possessing both Hebrew and Old Norse origins. It personifies the sword.
  • Shanniyah The girl’s name Shanniyah came into being thanks to the Ojibway Native American tribe. In their language, the label translates into the saying sharpened like a knife.
  • Saqiba Saqiba is a feminine designation. In Arabic, it exemplifies objects that are sharp and penetrating like swords.
  • Aunfils This English honorific is handed down to infant girls. It honors sharp-witted subjects.
  • Gerla Moms and Dads of German extraction or who are fond of German culture and language may label newborn daughters Gerla. In the widely spoken central European tongue, the title translated to the girl holding the sharp spear.
  • Laronda Laronda is a feminine moniker. It means sharp spear in Welsh and is popular in nations comprising the United Kingdom.
  • Nistar The feminine moniker Nistar is common in Arabic-conversing countries. In English, the name signifies a sharp knife.
  • MinervaThe origins of this female title are Latin. In said tongue, Minerva represents the sword. It also celebrates sharp-minded individuals.

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