Stones and rocks are known for possessing attributes like strength and hardness. Over time, people have used these materials to build strong foundations and protective barriers. However, many people also revere these natural creations because they inspire individuals to follow their lead and display the toughness for fortitude during challenging times. In light of these qualities, countless cultures and ethnic groups have personified stones and rocks through the creation of names. With that in mind, explore this list of baby names that mean stone and find the perfect strong name for your baby.

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  • Ferris The origins of this unisex moniker are Celtic. In said tongue, Ferris symbolizes a rock of the highest choice. A famous namesake was the title character portrayed by Matthew Broderick in the motion picture Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
  • Callen Callen is a gender-neutral title. The name holds Gaelic and Irish ancestry. When interpreted from those languages, the honorific represents rock.
  • KayaThe name Kaya originated in Scandinavia. Language historians suggest that the name represents rock. Alternatively, it means cliff.
  • Perry The mothers and fathers of newborn children might choose to designate said subjects Perry. In English, the denomination means rock. In addition, the offering is also a relatively common surname.
  • Lave This label originated in Italy and is often given to both boys and girls. In Italian, Lave embodies burning rock.
  • PiercePierce is an English title bestowed upon infant males. Its roots are English and signifies rock. A current famous holder is former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.
  • Gaia Persons of Greek extraction or those yearning to pay respect to said culture may designate a newborn daughter Gaia. In the ancient tongue, the name exemplifies rock from the earth. Moreover, a noted historical namesake was the Greek Goddess of the Earth and mother of everything in existence.
  • Buxton England was the first nation in which the male moniker Buxton was handed out. In English, the offering means brewing stone.
  • Halle The history of this name dates back to a time when old Norse was routinely spoken. In the Scandinavian tongue, Halle stands for rock. A celebrated bearer is Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry.
  • Cephas Cephas is an ancient male denomination holding Aramaic language heritage. In the language Jesus conversed in, the name means stone.
  • Chantal Language experts maintain that Chantal is an European name that likely first took hold in France. However, said professionals are confident that the title exemplifies stone.
  • Parkins – Parkins is an English label. It exemplifies rock.
  • Lorelei Irish or Gaelic-speaking parents might name their newborn daughters Lorelei. In those tongues, the designation personifies a lurking rock.
  • Piet This title is awarded to infant boys. In Dutch, the name signifies rock. Furthermore, it is the Dutch version of Peter.
  • Nelka Nelka is a feminine offering presented to girls. In Polish, the label represents stone. However, it alternatively means warrior and is a somewhat popular name in Poland and other Eastern-European nations.
  • EbenNew Hebrew-conversing Moms and Dads might bestow the moniker Eben on baby sons. In the biblical tongue, the title represents the stone of help.
  • Onila The name Onila owes its existence to the Spanish language and residents. In that communication form, the label personifies a small rock.
  • Halvard Halvard is a boy’s name. In Norwegian, it symbolizes a flat stone.
  • Sela The heritage of this female moniker is Hebrew. When interpreted from the old tongue, Sela exemplifies rock. A famous possessor is actress Sela Ward.
  • Punka The nation of Bulgaria boasts this masculine designation's origins. In the Eastern-European language, Punka represent rock.
  • TerraTerra is a Latin denomination given to infant females. In the ancient communication method, the name signifies rock.
  • Ultman The male denomination Ultman first grew to prominence in Germany. When translated from German, it honors the noble stone.
  • Pedra This label holds Spanish ancestry. In the widely spoken language, Pedra means rock.
  • WinstonWinston is a classic English name given to boys. It celebrates the joy stone. A noted holder was the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  • Shila The origins of this female title are Indian. In several of the nation’s dialects, Shila symbolizes rock. Name experts also suggest that the label has become one of the more popular girl’s names.

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