Strength and durability are just two qualities that can be used to describe stone. These qualities are also desirable characteristics of human beings. Establish the foundation of strength in your daughter by giving her one of these girl names that mean stone.

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  • Pernella French-conversing mothers and fathers may designate infant daughters Pernella. When interpreted from the Western European tongue, the offering stands for rock.
  • RochelleThis feminine title also owes its existence to the French language and people. It means little rock.
  • SharonSharon’s history is Hebrew. In the old tongue, the name exemplifies the rocks of a fertile land.
  • Ashma Indian people might favor the denomination Ashma to bestow upon infant girls. In many of the country’s dialects, the title represents rock.
  • GemmaGemma is a feminine moniker rooted in the Italian language and culture. In English, it personifies the precious stone.
  • Jetta This female offering is popular in Denmark. When translated from Danish, Jetta represents the stone from Gagai.
  • Iolite This name’s origins date back to ancient Greece. In Greek, Iolite means violet-colored stone.
  • AlainaGerman people likely know that Alaina is a girl’s label. In German, it represents a precious rock.
  • Petronilla Petronilla is another feminine honorific contributed to the world’s pool of names by the German tongue and citizens. In English, the offering symbolizes rock.
  • Pratima Moms and Dads speaking any one of India’s numerous dialects might designate baby girls Pratima. The name means rock statue.
  • Taniksha India is also responsible for contributing this lady’s title to the world of names. Language historians maintain that the moniker represents the golden stone.
  • Yu Subjects born in China or who hold Chinese ancestry may title infant girls Yu. It means precious stone.
  • Tinna Tinna is a female honorific that first came into being in Scandinavian countries. When interpreted from the languages of the nation’s representing said region, the moniker recognizes stone.
  • Nilarantha Nilarantha is an ancient feminine name possessing Sanskrit roots. In that communication form, the designation exemplifies blue rock.
  • Pinja Finnish parents may choose Pinja as a name for newborn daughters. In English, the moniker represents the stone pine.
  • Shashimani Shashimani is a common name given to infant girls in India. It means precious stone.
  • Vala Language experts credit Wales and Welsh language for contributing this female denomination to the global pool of monikers. Vala symbolizes rock.
  • Petah Historians maintain that this girl’s title's roots are Native-American. In various such languages, Petah is thought to mean rock or stone.
  • RubyTo many, Ruby is a valuable red gem. However, it is also a Latin name awarded to girls. In the language most Catholic masses were once celebrated in, the honorific literally means deep red and precious stone.
  • JadeJade is a beautiful green gemstone. That said, it is also a name commonly given to girls. Its origins are Spanish and is translated to mean stone of the side. Moreover, it has morphed into one of the most popular feminine titles in France.
  • Hyacinth Hyacinth is a flower. Furthermore, it is a Greek name bestowed upon newborn females. It means precious stone.
  • Alira The Aboriginal Australian language and people gifted to the world. In their native tongue, Alira personifies the quartz stone.
  • Turquoise Turquoise is another feminine title doubling as a valuable mineral. In French, the name exemplifies the Turkish stone.
  • Eterna Eterna is a feminine moniker possessing Latin roots. In English, it means eternal stone.
  • Parnel The French tongue and culture also brought forth the label Parnel. This female designation represents rock in said language.

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