This list of girl names that mean strong spirit is filled with a wide variety of options. Choose from more traditional names like Matilda or Valerie, or opt for trendier options like Willow or Vaida. Each is unique and feminine — take a look!

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  • Deva This female offering is popularly bestowed upon girls born into the Hindu faith. Deva means celestial spirit.
  • Hilldora Norwegian parents might honor newborn daughters with the denomination Hilldora. In Norse, the name recognizes spirited people.
  • Gertrude The history of this moniker goes back as far as when the old Teutonic languages were first spoken. Language experts maintain that Gertrude means spirited. In addition, holders often use the nickname Trudy.
  • Eldrid Eldrid enjoys Norwegian roots. In Norse, this feminine offering recognizes fiery spirits.
  • Disa The female designation Disa is another name contribution brought to to the world by the Norwegian people. It means spirited.
  • Chittaswarap Mothers and fathers from India or holding Indian extraction might give a newborn daughter this long but distinctive title. When interpreted from several of the nation's many dialects, Chittaswarap honors the supreme spirit.
  • Nenine New Moms and Dads might opt to designate their infant girls Nenine. In Greek, the moniker symbolizes the ocean spirit.
  • Onatah Onatah is a popular girl's denomination amongst Native Americans. Language experts maintain that the offering honors the corn spirit.
  • Roohee Girls born into the Muslin faith might receive the denomination Roohee. Historians believe that the honorific means spirit.
  • TheresaThis popular, powerful, and classic girl's name dates back to ancient Greece. When interpreted from Greek, Theresa honors those who are spirited.
  • Thordia Persons of Scandinavian birth or heritage may name a baby girl Thordia. The title is Norse for the spirit of the famed mythological figure Thor.
  • Vaida The origins of this feminine honorific can be traced back to the beginnings of the Teutonic tongues. Vaida is thought to mean spirited in war.
  • WillowWillow is an English female offering that has recently gained popularity in nations conversing in said tongue. It celebrates the liberated spirit.
  • AngelaIn actuality, the roots of the lasting and powerful feminine title Angela date can be traced back to Scotland. In the Scottish tongue, the moniker represents angels or guiding spirits.
  • Bera The Norwegian culture and language birthed the feminine designation Bera. In Norse, this denomination means spirited.
  • Asta Asta is a girl's name with significant Greek roots. In said language, the offering represents the divine spirit. As time has evolved, the honorific has gained notable popularity in Scandinavian countries.
  • Shakti Shakti is a name typically bestowed upon girls born into Indian culture. In the Hindi dialect, the denomination celebrates free spirits.
  • MatildaThis strong and common German title is handed down to girls. In English, Matilda represents those who are free-spirited, mighty, and powerful.
  • BrittaThe moniker Britta is rooted in Swedish culture. When interpreted from that language, the lady's honorific recognizes solid spirits. The designation has also grown popular in other Scandinavian and western European nations.
  • Audra The feminine offering Audra is rooted in Scottish culture. In English, the diminutive of Audrey symbolizes spirit and strength.
  • Kezia The origins of the lady's name Kezia travel back to biblical times. The Hebrew title actually means cinnamon. However, language experts also argue that the denomination honors those who are spiritual and strong.
  • Bree Bree is an Irish title handed down to girls. It represents spirit and strength.
  • ValerieThis French designation has become popular throughout the world. When interpreted from the Romance language, it symbolizes spirit, strength, and bravery.
  • Alcie Alcie is a Greek moniker. The female name means spirited and strong-willed.
  • Bali Many people know that this is the name of an Indonesian island known for being a playground for the rich and famous. However, others might not realize that Bali is also a female honorific originating during the time when Sanskrit was a popular form of communication. The offering salutes spirit and strength.

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