The bear is often thought of as one of the most powerful creatures on earth and revered for its strength, bravery, and fierceness. However, bears are also known to be loving parents who would stop at nothing to protect their young. These qualities have inspired cultures throughout history to create names celebrating the exploits of these interesting animals. Explore this list of baby names that mean bear and find an option you love!

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  • Nikephoros This gender-neutral name holds significant ancient Greek origins. The title equates to the phrase one possessing bear-like strength. Nikephoros was also a moniker given to legendary Greek Goddess Athena.
  • Minoru Minoru is a designation handed down to both boys and girls. In Japanese, the denomination means bear.
  • Koda Mothers and fathers from Latin America might name their newborn son or daughter Koda. In certain tribal languages, the title symbolizes the bear.
  • Barrett American-English boasts this gender-neutral designation’s roots. In said tongue, Barrett represents the bear.
  • Turi Turi is an offering bestowed upon infants regardless of gender. When translated from Finnish, the moniker means bear.
  • Ber Yiddish speakers might name an infant son Ber. In the language numerous European and North American Jews converse in, the denomination recognizes the bear.
  • Mischka Persons born in Russia or holding Russian ancestry may opt to title a baby girl Mischka. When interpreted from the widely spoken Slavic tongue, the offering honors the little bear. In addition, the name can be spelled other ways.
  • Esben This masculine honorific first took hold in Scandinavia. In Old Norse, the moniker is translated into the expression the divine bear.
  • Orsoyla Orsoyla is a feminine moniker. Language historians opine that the offering carries Hungarian and Latin origins. In English, the designation represents a strong she-bear.
  • Humphrey Moms and Dads in the English-conversing world might name a newborn boy Humphrey. The title translates to the phrase champion bear cub. One of its most famous holders was the late legendary actor Humphrey Bogart.
  • Uschii Those born in Germany or German speaking parents could choose to name an infant daughter Uschii. The offering is translated into the term little she-bear.
  • Pridbjorn This Danish title is awarded to boys. Danes know that Pridbjorn means great bear. However, it is also translated to represent dignity and superb individuals.
  • Calysta The female honorific Calysta enjoys both Latin and Greek heritage. The name honors the she-bear and enjoys more than one accepted spelling. A famous holder is American actress Calista Flockhart.
  • Ott Estonian or the citizens of other Baltic Sea-bordering nations may designate a newborn son Ott. In English, the moniker honors those who fight like a bear.
  • Yrse In Sweden, Yrse is a popular girl’s name. When interpreted from Swedish, the denomination celebrates the she-bear.
  • Adelbern The designation Adelbern owes its existence to German tribal peoples. This male title honors the bear. In addition, language experts maintain that the offering recognizes respectability.
  • Bernardetta Bernardetta is a powerful Italian honorific given to girls. In English, the moniker translates to the expression as striking as a bear.
  • Burney This Irish title is handed down to newborn boys. In said language, the denomination symbolizes the bear.
  • Nita Nita is a girl’s name. When translated from various Native American tongues, it means bear.
  • Nanuq Persons born to Inuit heritage might name an infant boy Nanuq. In their language, this moniker celebrates the polar bear.
  • AdiraHebrew-conversing mothers and fathers might favor the title Adira for baby girls. In English, the denomination recognizes the bear. However, alternatively, the name represents strength and nobility.
  • Preben Preben is a Danish title bestowed upon boys. It is interpreted to mean bear-like and strong.
  • Berengaria This name is rooted in Latin. In the classic language, Berengaria represents a bear spear. Additionally, the moniker is the namesake of a famous medieval queen.
  • Afrikados The honorific Afrikados’s roots date back to ancient Greece. This male title means Bear of Arcadia.
  • Ohto Ohto is a feminine moniker first awarded in Finland. In Finnish, the title means bear.

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