From Winnie to Calissa to Berdine, each of these girl names that mean bear is absolutely adorable! Scroll through the options — complete with meaning and origin — and select the perfect baby name for your daughter.

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  • Ursula Ursula is a noted girl’s name. Its heritage is German. In English, the offering salutes the bear.
  • Arzhela This feminine denomination was born from the Welsh and Breton tongues. In both languages, the name represents the bear-princess.
  • Orsina Those born in Italy or holding Italian extraction might opt to name a newborn daughter Orsina. The moniker honors subjects possessing bear-like qualities.
  • Artis Artis is a girl’s name with Scottish roots. When translated from the Scottish tongue, the offering symbolizes the bear.
  • Benate Persons bearing Italian ancestry likely know that Benate translates into the phrase brave as a bear. The feminine denomination is also a variation of the feminine name Bernadette.
  • Berdine French mothers and fathers might favor the title Berdine. The feminine honorific is interpreted into the expression brave like a bear.
  • CinnamonMost people know that Cinnamon is a famous spice added to many well-known sweet treats. However, others might not realize that the title is a feminine name honoring a type of bear native to North America.
  • Koala Australian parents might designate newborn daughters Koala. The moniker recognizes the famed marsupials native to the Australian continent.
  • Winnie The name Winnie is actually short for the Welsh offering Winifred, which means blessed. However, the feminine nickname is synonymous with the bear thanks to acclaimed author A. A. Milne. The scribe made the bear Winnie The Pooh famous in books and later cartoons.
  • Almalda Almalda is a girl’s title possessing Portuguese roots. When translated from said language, it represents someone holding bear-like strength.
  • Armelle This offering carries Celtic and French ancestry. Moreover, the feminine designation means bear-chief.
  • Calissa The female denomination Calissa’s origins are Greek. In said tongue, the honorific equates to the expression strong she-bear.
  • Eferhilda Eferhilda is a powerful female German title. It means bear.
  • EdenEveryone knows about the famous biblical garden. However, as a name, Eden’s origins are rooted in the Old English language. The female offering means blessed bear.
  • Ursina This moniker holds strong German heritage. It is given to girls, means bear, and is considered a variant of Ursula.
  • Atiqtalik The Inuit people might title their newborn girls Atiqtalik. When translated from the Inuit language, this offering honors the polar bear’s mother.
  • Avonaco Girls born into Native American families might be named Avonaco. In various tribal tongues, the denomination salutes the lean bear.
  • Veronika Some might be surprised to learn that this name first grew to prominence in Finland. In Finnish, the moniker translates into the phrase bear of victory. That said, the feminine offering can be spelled different ways and is popular in numerous countries and backgrounds.
  • Uzumati Uzumati is a powerful Native American honorific awarded to infant girls. It means bear.
  • Sula Estonia is the nation where this female title took hold. In Estonian, the name salutes those possessing bear-like attributes.
  • Berrin Berrin is a moniker bestowed upon Irish girls. In said tongue, the offering recognizes the bear.
  • Phurah Language historians cannot identify the specific nation or ethnicity connected to the female designation Phurah. Said professionals do, however, opine that it dates back to biblical times and translates into the expression related to the bear.
  • Unelina The roots of the female moniker Unelina are Latin. In English, the offering recognizes the bear.
  • Ula Ula is an Irish title awarded to newborn females. It means she-bear. Moreover, the designation is used by other cultures and can be spelled using other acceptable letter combinations.
  • Urmi This denomination is another Estonian name handed down to girls. The honorific celebrates the exploits of the little she-bear.

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