If you're looking for a strong and courageous foundation for your daughter, explore this list of girl names that mean brave. From Gala to Keena to Louanna and beyond, each name is unique and feminine. Take a look!

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  • Amandla This feminine name is popular amongst numerous African tribal people. It translates to describe a brave, powerful woman.
  • Ziana The moniker Ziana’s roots can be traced to the Malayalam tongue. In this Indian dialect, the designation recognizes brave and bold women.
  • Gerarda Gerarda is a female honorific with old English origins. It means one who is brave with a spear. Additionally, the title is the feminine version of Gerard.
  • KeenaIrish parents might designate newborn daughters Keena. In said language, the name means brave.
  • YashicaThe Hindu faith boasts numerous girls and women known as Yashica. Though the denomination’s primary meaning is brave, other acceptable definitions include successful and intelligent.
  • AndreaAndrea’s origins date back as far as ancient Greece. The title’s Greek translation honors women deemed brave defenders of humankind.
  • Bern Persons of French extraction or those fond of said culture might honor newborn girls with the designation Bern. It means brave.
  • Gala Gala is a popular girl’s name amongst Hebrew-conversing subjects. Translated from said tongue, the moniker’s principle description is brave. However, happy is also a recognized definition.
  • Luria Luria is an old English name handed down to girls. Native speakers know the title means brave like a lioness.
  • Charlisa This feminine name’s origins lie in German culture. It means brave woman.
  • Anoud In the Arabic-conversing world, Anoud is a title often awarded to newborn girls. In said tongue, this moniker translates to brave and courageous.
  • Gi Korean parents might designate baby daughters Gi. In their native dialect, the moniker means brave one.
  • Louanna Louanna is a popular German girl’s denomination. The moniker’s main translation equates to a brave woman. However, language historians suggest that the honorific also means graceful warrior. In addition, the title is popular in the Jewish faith.
  • Everley This name’s origins date back to the old Germanic period. In said dialects, the title celebrates bravery. Moreover, the denomination translates to the phrase sturdy like a bear.
  • Faviola The Italian moniker is bestowed upon newborn girls. Faviola means bravery. That said, wisdom is another acceptable description.
  • Hildelith Hildelith’s history is synonymous with old Norse culture. Norwegian subjects favor this title for baby girls because it honors brave warriors.
  • Jasweer Indian parents might designate infant daughters Jasweer. In many of said nation’s dialects, the title means brave. Language historians also suggest that the honorific translates to the expression one whose praises are sung by God.
  • Bertene Bertene is an old English title handed down to girls. It means brave.
  • Doria Ancient Greece is where this feminine designation first took hold. Doria was a noted character from Greek mythology known for displaying tremendous bravery.
  • Leontina This female name possesses Latin roots. When translated from this language, images of bravery and subjects with lion’s hearts are conjured.
  • Virika Virika is a common girl’s name in the Hindu religion. In the Sanskrit and Gujarati dialects, the denomination celebrates brave women.
  • Thieda This feminine title was widely bestowed upon newborn girls when old English was widely spoken. The designation means brave.
  • Syssota Syssota also dates back to the old English period. The honorific recognizes bravery, courageousness, and power.
  • Pizi Numerous Native-American tribes name infant daughters Pizi. In said tongues, the moniker celebrates bravery.
  • Mayameen Mayameen is a female name often awarded to newborn girls by Urdu-speaking parents. In this language projected by those residing in Pakistan, India, and other neighboring nations, the denomination honors women blessed with notable bravery.

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