To some people, shadows and darkness conjure negative feelings, actions, and emotions. However, to many others, such forces stand for positive attributes, such as power, strength, and vitality. Therefore, no one should be surprised that many cultures and traditions have adopted names honoring said phenomena. Explore this list of baby names that mean shadow and find a name that moves and inspires you!

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  • Aka Persons of Hawaiian heritage might name a newborn son or daughter Aka. The moniker translates to shadow.
  • Zil This gender-neutral title means shadow. Its origins are tied to the Arabic language and the name is considered intense and powerful in the Arabic-speaking world.
  • Ciemny Ciemny is an honorific given to both boys and girls. This denomination holds Polish roots. When translated from said dialect, its principle meaning is shadow. However, language historians maintain that the designation also recognizes darkness.
  • Yinying Chinese parents might choose to honor newborn babies with the unisex denomination Yinying. Its literal translation is shadow and is thought to be a fun, upbeat moniker.
  • Astrangi Astrangi is a gender-neutral title meaning shadow. The name originates with New Zealand's indigenous people, the Maoris.
  • Erebus Erebus is a name typically bestowed upon newborn boys. In Greek, the honorific translates to shadow and deep darkness. Additionally, Erebus could be given to honor a celebrated mountain in New Zealand.
  • Ena This feminine name honors the shadow. Language experts maintain Ena first took hold amongst Latvian people.
  • Varjo The male title boasts origins in Finnish culture and language. Pronounced Var-Yoh, the designation translates to shadow.
  • Moriti Individuals speaking the Sesotho dialect might name newborn daughters Moriti. The name means shadow and is popularly given to baby girls in nations, such as Lesotho, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
  • Cethin Cethin's history dates back to the early Celtic period and said ethnicity's dialect. Translated from that language, the masculine moniker means something resembling a shadow.
  • MelanieThis ever-popular female designation's origins are Greek. In said tongue, Melanie interprets to the phrase one who is continually surrounded by shadows.
  • Tirich Parents native to Afghanistan might title newborn sons Tirich. This Pashto dialect name means shadow. Historians maintain that the denomination is noted for its charming quality.
  • Aloka Aloka is a female honorific handed down by parents conversing in Malagasy. In that language, the title celebrates the shadow. Malagasy is Madagascar's native tongue and is also widely spoken in places like Reunion, Mauritius, and other Indian Ocean outposts.
  • Dell Persons of Maltese decent blessed with newborn sons might title said subjects Dell. The denomination honors the shadow.
  • Senka This powerful feminine designation is often handed down by Serbian parents. Senka translates to shadow.
  • Landong Landong is a popular boy's name for individuals conversing in the Cebuano dialect. In this second most popular dialect spoken in the Philippines, the denomination translates to shadow.
  • Shyama The girl's name possesses Indian origins and means shadow. That said, it also translates to darkness.
  • PaoloPaolo is a masculine name associated with shadows. Though it most often thought of as an Italian moniker, it actually originated in Samoa.
  • Skia Persons of Greek ancestry or those fond of said nation's culture might designate newborn daughters Skia. In that tongue, the honorific celebrates shadows.
  • Kage Kage is Japanese boy's name. The title honors the shadow.
  • Sombra This girl's title carries Spanish ancestry. Principally, it translates to shadow. However, it also means shade.
  • Ozul Those fond of Gothic culture and language might designate newborn boys Ozul. It is translated to mean shadow.
  • Zillah Zillah is a feminine honorific. In Hebrew, the title interprets to shadow and shade. Moreover, the name possesses Hebrew roots. Moreover, the name can be spelled several different ways.
  • Tywyll Parents of Welsh and associated cultures might honor newborn sons with the designation Tywyll. The name's primary meaning is shadow. However, dark is also an acceptable translation.
  • Bruna Those hailing from Italian backgrounds might name newborn baby girls Bruna. This honorific means shadow. That said, language historians maintain that the name also translates to the phrase one with dark hair.

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