Native American people are the original North Americans. These individuals hailing from various tribes were the first ethnic group to inhabit what later became the United States and Canada. Said subjects have made numerous contributions to modern society. Included in such benefits are the creation of countless names both Native Americans parents and those of other cultures might title newborn children. Explore this list of Native American baby names, including their meanings.

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  • Ameyalli This is a gender-neutral moniker Native American parents title recently born offspring. The honorific symbolizes a fountain and is pronounced ah-may-ah-lee.
  • Shikoba Shikoba is a unisex name sometimes chosen by Native American parents. Pronounced shee-koh-bah, the designation means feather.
  • Metzli Native American parents might opt for the gender-neutral title Metzli. Language historians maintain the denomination symbolizes the moon. Moreover, it is pronounced mays-lee.
  • Isi Isi is a unisex moniker popular amongst many Native American tribes. In these tongues, it translates to deer.
  • Citali – This gender-neutral title is pronounced see-tah-lee. It means star.
  • Tauri Tauri is a Native American honorific bestowed upon boys. The title traces its roots back to the Dakota tribe and is said to mean young eagle.
  • Urika Descendants of the Omaha tribe often named newborn daughters Urika. In said tongue, the moniker symbolizes usefulness and productiveness.
  • Kele Kele is a relatively popular title given to newborn Native American sons. The denominations represents the sparrow and originated in the Hopi tribe.
  • Sakari This feminine name is awarded to Native American girls. The moniker holds origins in the Inuktitat peoples and represents sweetness and goodness.
  • Ahanu Anahu is a masculine moniker common to Native American tribes. In numerous Native tongues, the title translates to he who laughs. That said, the designation's direct roots can be traced back to the Algonquin tribe.
  • Olenda Native American subjects might title newborn girls Olenda. Name historians maintain that the title means wealth and power. Moreover, it originated in the Iriquois tribe.
  • Nahele This moniker is sometimes given to Native American boys. Its roots are Hawaiian and translates to forest.
  • Elu Elu is a Native American girl's moniker. The name means beautiful and was first employed by the Zuni people.
  • AdrielThis honorific is often awarded to Native American boys. It represents persons with skills and the title's origins can be traced back to the Navajo tribe.
  • Pavati This Native American denomination is handed down to girls. It translates to clear waters.
  • Nayati Navati is a popular Native American boy's name. The honorific symbolizes a powerful individual or one who wrestles.
  • Lomasi Native American parents might choose the title Lomasi for newborn daughters. The designation means pretty flower.
  • Nodin Nodin is a Native American boy's name. The moniker symbolizes wind.
  • Odina This feminine name is sometimes bestowed upon newborn Native Americans. Historians suggest that the name means mountain and holds origins in the Algonquin tribe.
  • Tokula This male title is commonly chosen for Native American newborns. It translates to fox. Additionally, the honorific originated amongst the Dakota people.
  • Aponi Aponi is Native American girl's moniker. The designation symbolizes the butterfly.
  • AnakinThis a popular title bestowed upon Native American boys. It means soldier and has grown to prominence in the wake of the hot Star Wars movies involving the character Anakin Skywalker.
  • Leotie This female Native American name is considered unique. Its literal Translation is flower or prairie.
  • Alo Alo is a name commonly handed down to Native American boys. Language historians maintain that it translates to spiritual guide.
  • Na'estle This is a feminine Native American title. It means one and can be traced back to the Cheyenne tribe.

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