Though Adriel may not seem like a common name, it was actually first mentioned in Bible in the Old Testament in 1 Samuel. The king of the Israeli people whose name was Saul sent his daughter to be married to a man named Adriel. Though the name has been in existence since ancient Hebrew times, it only just began being recognized enough for the Social Security Index in the year 2002.

Meaning of the Name Adriel:

Hebrew: God is my help, my help is God, flock of God, of God's flock, congregation of God, God is my master

Origin of the Name Adriel:

The baby name Adriel comes from the ancient Hebrew words ayder which means flock and ale meaning God. Adriel is actually a version of the original Hebrew word which was ad-ree-ale and gave the original meaning to the name. It is a Biblical name that is just becoming recognized among parents and is growing in popularity.

Symbolism of the Name Adriel:

Adriel was a man with high nobility in the Old Testament, which may be why the king of the time sent his daughter to marry Adriel. Despite his nobility, however, his parents always knew that he had to rely on his God, which is where the meaning of the term comes from.

Style of the Name Adriel:

The style of the baby name Adriel is classical due to its Hebrew origins.

Gender of the Name Adriel:

The gender of the name Adriel is primarily for boys, but some parents have named their daughters this name recently.

Pronunciation of Adriel:


Number of syllables in Adriel:

There are three syllables in the baby name Adriel.

Emotion evoked from the Name Adriel:

The name Adriel is now more quirky in its emotions. In ancient times, however, the name was associated with upper classness and even humility in thanking God for the riches.

Alternative spellings of Adriel:

  • Adryel
  • Adriael
  • Adriale
  • Adriell
  • Adryale
  • Adryell

Nicknames for the Name Adriel:

Popularity of the Name Adriel:

As mentioned, the name Adriel was not even popular enough for the Social Security index until the year 2002 when it became number 913. It has been rising in popularity since that year though, with it now ranking as number 140 as of the year 2020. This is the highest-ranking place Adriel has ever achieved, and it just entered the top 200 list in the year 2019.

Great middle names for Adriel and their meaning:

  • Josias (God has healed)
  • Jose (He shall add)
  • David (beloved)
  • Samuel (name of God, God has heard)

Famous people with the Name Adriel:

  • Adriel Favela (Spanish music singer)
  • Adriel Young (Australian actor, “Review with Myles Barlow”)
  • Adriel Diaz (rapper, songwriter)

The Name Adriel in movies/pop culture:

  • Adriel the Meholathite (Biblical character in the Old Testament)