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Most Popular Baby Names in 2005

Most Popular Baby Names in 2005 Tiny Feet

Most Popular Baby Names in 2005

Jacob and Michael were among the most popular names in 2005 for babies, and have held this honor for many years already. In fact, they are the two names of the top 5 most popular boy names of all time, reflecting their enduring appeal. The simplicity of the name and widespread usage continue to make this a popular choice for many parents.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2005

Joshua, meaning ‘the Lord is my Salvation,’ emerged as a popular boy's name starting in 1983. In 1989, just over 44,000 babies born were named Joshua, making it the most popular year for the name.

Similarly, the baby name Dylan experienced a surge in usage during 2003 when babies were given this name at a 219% higher rate than in other years. Derived from the meaning ‘Son of Sea,’ Dylan rose in popularity as a name in due part thanks to influential poet Dylan Thomas.

Today, these timeless names continue to resonate with parents who are searching for a meaningful and distinctive choice for their child's name.

Ethan, a Biblical name meaning strong, firm, enduring, and long-lived, appears eight times in the Hebrew Bible. Throughout history, Biblical baby names have been popular with new parents carrying a captivating appeal.

Beginning in the 1960s, parents began embracing the name Matthew for their sons. It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘Gift of God.’

Most Popular Baby Names in 2005

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Certain girls' names have also either grown in popularity or kept a steady position. Emily and Emma, for instance, have consistently ranked as top girl names for 16 consecutive years, including as the most popular girl names in 2005.

The name Samantha originated in the United States during the 17th century. The name was rarely used until the 18th century and is believed to be the feminine counterpart of the name Samuel.

Derived from Greek mythology, the name Chloe means fresh flowers and dreams of spring. The name has also grown popular among parents interested in Biblical names for their daughters.

Kaitlyn was one of the most popular names for girls in 2005. With its meaning of ‘pure,' Kaitlyn continues to captivate parents to this day.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2005

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Kaylee, a modern name that parents chose often in 2005, is a combination of the names Kayla and Hayley. Many parents seeking creative monikers chose this name for their daughters during this time.

Ava is widely recognized as one of the top baby names for girls in 2005. With its Persian origins, Ava was used as early as the 9th century. Meaning ‘voice, sound,' Ava is a classic and timeless name that still resonates with parents to this day.

How Has Popularity Shifted in 2023?

Fast forward to 2023, and while some of these names still maintain their popularity, they have experienced some shifts. Jacob has dropped to the number 32 spot on the list being replaced with the name Liam. Meanwhile, the name Michael went from being number 2 in 2005 to number 16 in 2023, being replaced by Noah.

Matthew has seen a decline and currently resides at number 39 on the list, while Dylan follows closely at 41. Further down the list, Ethan and Joshua have decreased in popularity, occupying spots 211 and 60, respectively.

For girls’ names, Emma continues to hold strong at number 2, while Emily decreased in popularity to number 17 (yet still in the top 20). Ava and Chloe have still remained popular among new parents to this day, gaining spots as number 7 and 18, respectively. On the other hand, both Kaitlyn and Kaylee dropped off the top 100 list.

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