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Hannah has long been a popular name having been first recorded in 1880 in the United States. It really jumped on to the national stage when Miley Cyrus portrayed Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel from 2006 through 2011. The name Hannah flooded televisions all across the land as “Hannah Montana” the show, and products representing the show were in high demand.

Meaning of the name Hannah:

Hebrew: Favour, grace, ‘He (God) has favoured me with a child'

Origin of the name Hannah:

Hebrew. Hannah is derived from the root ḥ-n-n which means “favour” or “grace”.

Symbolism of the name Hannah:

Hannah symbolizes determination. In the “Books of Samuel” Hannah was barren but she was determined to have a baby. She prayed that if God blessed her with a son, she would give him up to the priesthood. She became pregnant, gave her son Samuel to be raised as a priest, and then went on to have 5 more children.

Hannah baby name meaning and origin

Style of the name Hannah:


Gender of the name Hannah:

Hannah is considered to be a baby girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Hannah:


Syllables in the name Hannah:


Emotion evoked from the name Hannah:

The name Hannah evokes a feeling of sophistication, intelligence, and determination.

Alternative spellings for the name Hannah:

Hanna, Hana, Hanah

Nicknames for the name Hannah:

Hanny, Han, Hany, Ana, Nana, Na Na

Popularity of the name Hannah:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Hannah was ranked as the 39th most popular girl name in 2020. In the last 20 years it has not been outside of the top 40 most popular names.

Related names for the name Hannah:

Hanna, Anne, Chanah, Honna

Great middle names for Hannah and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Hannah:

Hannah in movies/pop culture:

  • Hannah Montana (character in “Hannah Montana”)
  • Hannah Wells (character on “Designated Survivor”)
  • Hannah(character in the novel and Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”)
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