Every new life is a gift. Celebrate that fact by giving your child one of these baby names that mean gift. The options run the gamut and are each beautiful in their own right. Explore these options — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect name for your child.

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  • AaronAaron is a boy's name with Hebrew roots that means a miraculous gift from above. Also spelled Aron, the name relates to the female version Erin.
  • Adom Adom is an old African name that means a blessing from God given to a family. Though pronounced the same as Adam, it is a different name.
  • Aksha The name Aksha means both gift and blessing in Hebrew. This umped into the top 200 of all baby names for girls in recent years.
  • Amaris Amaris is a boy's name that means a gift promised to a family and delivered by God. Though often used as a boy's name among Hebrew families, it has a feminine touch that works for girls too.
  • AnnaAnna is an alternative to Hannah that means a blessing or gift and shows the grace a baby girl has. Like the name Hannah, it has Hebrew roots.
  • AsherAsher is a Hebrew name that means both blessing and gift along with fortunate to show the family's happiness at having a baby. Though more commonly used as a boy's name, Asher is also a girl's name in the modern era.
  • AstridThe girl's name Astrid means that God blessed the family with a baby daughter. This name has Scandanavian roots and become more popular after it appeared on The Office.
  • BenedictThe name Benedict means a blessed gift in Latin and is a suitable name for boys. An alternative name that means the same thing for girls is Benedicta.
  • Blessing A sweet name for baby girls is Blessing, which literally means a gift or blessing. This name can also mean a gift from the divine and is English in origin.
  • Boone – Boone is an old French name for boys that means both blessing and gift. It is a popular name in the American South.
  • Carwyn – Parents looking for an unusual name that means a blessed gift from God can choose this one. The Welsh name Carwyn can also stand for a blessed type of love.
  • Desire Desire is a popular girl's name for parents who wished or hoped for a child for a long time. This name shows that a higher power fulfilled their wishes with a gift.
  • Dory – Dory is a French name that means a gift from God. This name became more popular around the world due to the character from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.
  • ElsaFans of the cartoon franchise Frozen may like the name Elsa, which means a gift/blessing from God. Elsa is an old German name that began as a nickname for Elizabeth.
  • GenevieveThe name Genevieve means a blessing or gift from God. This name relates to the modern name Jennifer and began in France.
  • GianniGianni is a boy's name that means both God is gracious with his gifts and the gift itself. This name comes from Italy.
  • JamesJames is a name with English roots that means blessed or gifted. This name became unisex in recent years but first gained popularity after King James IV.
  • JasonThe name Jason translates to a boy who is blessed with his healing or has the gift of healing. Jason is the name of several popular actors and the main character in Jason and the Argonauts.
  • Jayne In Old English, Jayne means a favor or gift granted to a family by God. Many people choose the simpler spelling of Jane.
  • Marvel Popular with comic book fans, Marvel is a French name for a miraculous gift. This name relates to both the comic book publisher of the same name and the character Captain Marvel.
  • MiriamThe name Miriam stands for a child whose parents wanted to have and received from God. This name comes from an old Hebrew word.
  • Nima – A unique name that means a miraculous gift is Nima. Nima is a unisex baby name with both Arabic and Latin roots.
  • Raiden Raiden comes from an old Japanese word that refers to a group of people who performed miracles and the gifts of their miracles. This name is popular with video game fans, especially those who played Mortal Kombat.
  • SeanSean is an Irish name that means God is kind or gracious and refers to the gifts He gives. It is a unisex name and used by actors Penn and Young.
  • Winifred The name Winifred is Welsh and means a blessing granted to a family. Popular nicknames for the girl's name include Winnie and Fred.

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