This list of boy names that mean miracle is filled with a variety of beautiful and masculine options. From Ascher to Mateus and beyond, explore the names and their meanings, and then select the perfect name for your son.

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  • AaronIn the Bible, Aaron was Moses's older brother and his name was the keeper of God's command. It also stands for “miracle” in the Spanish community and can be changed to feminine by adding an s.
  • Anselm A boy's name with a German origin. Became popular during the 12th century and means “with divine protection”.
  • Ascher Ascher or Asher is a strong baby boy name that is derived from Hebrew. Its meaning is “miracle”.
  • AyaanOriginating from the Arabic language, this boy's name is rare but very cool. Its meaning of “miracle” makes it a perfect choice for a newborn.
  • BenedictRegardless of Benedict Arnold changing history as a traitor, his name is originally Latin and means “blessed” or “miracle”.
  • BennettBennett comes from the old English form of Benedict and is more popular than Benedict. It is often shortened to Ben or Benny and means “blessed one” or “miracle”.
  • Cedric This is a rare Anglo-Saxton boy's name that gained popularity after the writer Walter Scott used it in his novel, Ivanhoe. Meaning “loved and blessed”, it is pronounced sed-rick.
  • Devak Devak is a male name derived from the Indian culture. Popular in the Marathi culture, it is a token as a family guardian and means “divine” or “miracle”.
  • Devarsh “God's gift” is the meaning of this rare Indian boy's name.
  • Eijaz Eijaz is a masculine name that is used by Muslims. It is believed that the origin is Arabic with the meaning “blessings” or “miracle”.
  • GiovanniPronounced jo-vah-nee, this male name comes from Greek origin and is commonly used in Italian countries. The translation of this strong name is “blessed from Gods”.
  • Harika This unusual boy's name is one-of-a-kind and exotic in sound. From Turkish origin, it means “miracle”.
  • JohnJohn is a common name and is used widely throughout the Bible. It is a Hebrew male name and gives mention that those with this name are God's chosen few. It means “blessed one”.
  • Mapalo In Zambia, Mapalo is considered one of the top 100 names. As a male name, it has a pleasing sound and originates from the Chibemba language. It means “blessings” or “miracle”.
  • Mateus A biblical name that is common in Spain and South American countries. It is of Hebrew origin and translates to “God's blessing”. The American version is Matthew.
  • Miracola A good name for a boy of Italian descent. Rare, but meaningful, it translates to “miracle”.
  • MosesAn Old Testament Egyptian name for a boy that was miracuously delivered by God.
  • NevaehA new name that is growing in popularity by turning Heaven around. Mainly used for males and means “miracle”.
  • Nasia This is a rare name for a boy of Hebrew origin. Means “God's miracle”.
  • Nissan Nissan is a male name that is often associated with the Japanese carmaker. However, it is of Hebrew origin and means “miracle”.
  • Osgood An unusual male name that means “divine creator”. Of Teutonic origin.
  • Oswald A proper-sounding name from England, Oswald is a boy's name that means “divine power” or “miracle”.
  • Thaddeus Thaddeus is a male name that means “brave, heart” as in “courageous” or else “friend” in the Latin form. “Gift of God” is the more common meaning.
  • Yan Originated during the Byzantine era, Yan is a Russian name and great for a baby boy. It translates into “blessings” or “God's gift”.
  • Zebadiah This is a boy's name that originated from the Hebrew language. It is a biblical name and means “God has bestowed”.

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