The power of healing is undeniable. Channel this incredible gift through your son by giving him one of these boy names that mean healing. Each is unusual and impactful — from Rafael to Salvio to Valentino and beyond. Take a look!

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  • Jayr A cool-sounding name for boys, Jayr means “healer.” It is of Greek origin. The name is quite old but rarely used, meaning it's perfect for parents who seek a name with originality.
  • Zhi The name Zhi means “wise person” or “done with good intentions,” a perfect name for a child inspired by a healer. Zhi has Chinese origin and suits as a name for girls and boys.
  • Salvio The name Salvio for boys is smart and sounds sophisticated. It means “one who has been cured of all ailments” in Latin. Choose this name if you want something unique and uncommon.
  • Daktari This name means “one who heals.” It is a name suitable for strong-willed baby boys who will grow into powerful men. Daktari is of African origin.
  • Arpachshad Although the name is somewhat difficult to pronounce, it has great meaning of “a healer, a releaser.” The name has a Biblical origin.
  • Rafael This common name for boys has Spanish origins. The name means “God heals.”
  • JosiahAnother cool-sounding name for boys meaning “God supports and heals.” This name has Hebrew origin.
  • Errapel An unusual boy's name meaning “divine healer,” Errapel has Hebrew origins.
  • Iason The name Iason is of Greek origin. It means “healer.” it is a great derivative of the common name Jason and is used as a name for boys.
  • Ase This boy's name means “a healer.” it has Hebrew origin. The one-syllable name is short and simple.
  • Zastititi This word means “protector” in Bosnian. It is a unique name for a boy that stands out in a list of names.
  • Melchi-Shua An Israeli name, Melchi-Shua means “King of health, magnificent king.” The unusual name is rarely used in America.
  • Sherim This word means “cure” in Albanian.” Pick this name for a boy if you seek something unique, modern, and uncommon.
  • JosiasAn alternative to the name Josiah, Josias is more unique. The name is fun, meaning “God supports and heals.” It has a Hebrew origin.
  • Valentino The name Valentino rolls off the tongue. It has four syllables and is of Spanish origin. The name for boys means “strength, health.”
  • Jaison A fairly popular name for boys in the US, Jaison means “healer or The Lord is Salvation.” The name is of Hebrew origin. Jaison has several spelling variations including Jayson and Jason.
  • RaphaelThe name Raphael is strong and dominant. It means “Healing of the Lord.” This name has Hebrew origin.
  • Giselmund This German name for boys is uncommon. It means “Pledge of protection,” a good choice for parents wanting a name inspired by a healer.
  • Milba This name has Spanish origins. It means “amiable protector.” The name is a good choice for parents that want a unique boy's name that is easy to pronounce and spell with a great meaning.
  • Chizoba This unique name has African origin. The name means “God protect us.”
  • Sezja This name has Russian origins. It means “protector.” People named Sezja are said to be sent from God.
  • Zigmund This name has German origins. It means “divine protector.” It is usually shortened to a nickname like Zig or Ziggy.
  • Bhesaj This name does not technically mean “healer,” but is the name of a historical figure of the same name. He was a representative of the Hindu Gods of Health.
  • Eijaz The name Eijaz means “miracle.” The name is of Arabic origin, chosen by parents who want a name that sounds masculine and powerful.
  • EleazarThis name for boys means “God is my helper.” It is of Hebrew origin.

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