This list of girl names that mean angel is filled with a variety of inspiring and feminine names. From Ariel to Haven to Miracle and beyond, this options are both beautiful and intriguing. Explore the list and the meanings of each, and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Agnola Agnola is an Italian and Greek origin name. It translates to “angel” in Greek and “pure” and “virginal” in Italian. The American variation of Agnola is Agnes.
  • Raphaela Raphaela is the female version of Raphael. According to religion references, Raphael means “angel that brings healing.” Raphaela means “God has healed.” Another spelling variation for Raphaela is Rafaela. Many Raphaelas will love the nickname Raf.
  • Tangie Tangie is a combination of the names Tammy and Angela. The American origin name means angelic. It's a cute and uncommon name that can be used as a first or middle name.
  • Vanina Vanina is a Spanish and Portugese origin name that means “bringer of good news.” Since angels bring good news and protect, it is the perfect angel-inspired name for little girls. Good nickname options include Vanna and Nina, which are both as uncommon as Vanina.
  • Mariangela Mariangela is the combination of two beautiful names. It's an Italian origin name that means “rebellious angel.” It's a combination of Mary and Angela. Nicknames for this first name include Mari, Angela, and Ang.
  • AngelicaAngelica is an elegant version of Angel. It is trendy Italian name that skyrocketed in popularity after it emerged in the play “Romeo & Juliet.” Spelling variations of Angelica include Anjelica. Nicknames for Angelica include Angel and Ang.
  • AngelinaAngelina is an Italian, Greek, and Spanish origin name. It is a beautiful name and means “angel” or “messenger.” It grew in popularity due to American actress Angelina Jolie. Nicknames for Angelinas include Ang and Lina.
  • ArielAriel is the name of a famous archangel, which makes it a great angel-inspired girls' name. Ariel is also the name of Disney's Little Mermaid, which helped it gain modern popularity.
  • Rosangela Rosangela is the lovely combination of Rose and Angela with a translation of “rose of an angel” or “messenger of God.” It has a romantic first syllable, which makes it extremely unique. Little girls named Rosangela could opt to go by Roz or Angela.
  • Dina Dina is a short and sweet name for baby girls. The feminine name means “angel of learning and wisdom.” In the Bible, one of Jacob's daughters was named Dina.
  • Evangeline – Evangeline means “bearer of good news” according to its Greek origins. The name actually has “angel” in it. Great nickname options include Eva, Angie, and Angeline. The name was uncommon until it was used in Disney's Princess and the Frog for one of the character's love interest.
  • HavenHaven is a type of heaven. It's a sanctuary where someone can feel safe. A place where people can feel secure and protected by their guardian angel.
  • CelesteCeleste doesn't mean angel, but it does mean heavenly. Since angels reside in heaven, it's not a big leap to call Celeste an angelic name.
  • Heaven Heaven is a fantastic angel-inspired name as it is the home of angels and other celestial beings. Heaven is also a beautiful name to say.
  • NevaehNevaeh is another version of heaven. Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards. Even though it is spelled backwards, it retains the original meaning of “being the home of celestial beings.”
  • LailaLaila is the angel of conception and childbirth. It's a great angel name for parents who struggled with infertility. Laila also has several spelling variations, which allow parents to be creative.
  • Parisa Parisa is a Persian name with an exotic sound to it. According to its origins, Parisa means “like an angel.” It's fancier than the name Paris and has a more romantic ring to it.
  • Malaika Malaika is an African and Arabic name that means “angel” or “small child.” The name has a majestic tone to it and perfect name for a little bundle of joy. Nicknames for Malaika include Mal.
  • Miracle Miracle is often associated with the word angel because many miracles are said to be created by angels, which makes it a great angel-inspired name. Some say that childbirth is God's way of blessing parents with an angel.
  • SeraphinaSeraphina translates to mean “fiery-winged.” The name is created as a version of the biblical name Seraphin, who was a six-winged angel. Seraphina or Seraphin is a spunky name for girls that are going to live life on their own terms.
  • Eloa Eloa means “question everything.” She is also the angel that is said to be born from a tear from Jesus. It's a sweet name with remnants of Elle or Eleanor.
  • MichelleMichelle is the French version of Michael for females. Like Michael, Michelle means “one who is like God.” Variations of Michelle include Michele. The version with one L is the original spelling of the name.
  • MichaelaMichaela is another female version of Michael, the famous archangel. Michaela has several spelling variations including Makayla and McKayla. Michaela is the least popular spelling version, but is the truest form of the male version Michael.
  • Arcangela Arcangela is a variation of the name given to a high-ranking angel. It's a great angel-inspired name that is more exotic than Angela. Little girls could always go by Angela or a nickname for Angela like Ang.
  • Alya Alya means “to ascend” in Hebrew. It's an angelic name because angels are said to ascend from Earth to heaven.
  • Gloria Gloria means glory. Angels often sing with glory in their hearts. While Glory would also make a great girls' name, Gloria is a bit more romantic.
  • Talini Talini is the name given to snow angels. Specifically, Talini means snow angels that fall at dawn. A good nickname for Talini is Tally.
  • Geline Geline is an English name that literally means “angel.” Geline is an uncommon name for little girls with big personalities.
  • CharmaineCharmaine is the angel of harmony. A great first and middle name combination for Charmaine is Charmaine Harmony.

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