Ghosts and spirits are often revered in certain parts of society. They are intriguing and bring a bit of curiosity. If you're looking to give your daughter a name with similar qualities, peruse this list of girl names that mean ghost. Each is both feminine and impactful!

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  • Avira A feminine name meaning “spirit or air,” Avira is perfect for a girl looking for a unique name.
  • Morrigan This beautiful girl's name means “phantom queen.” It has an Irish origin.
  • Dusanka A girl's name meaning “soul-spirit,” Dusanka is a Czech variant of the name Dasana.
  • Shekina This soulful name has Hebrew origins and means “God's Holy Spirit.” It is a beautiful common name for girls.
  • Hania This name means “spirit warrior.” It comes from Native American origins.
  • Mooroopna An extremely uncommon name for girls, the name Mooroopna means “ghost or spirit.” It has Aboriginal origins.
  • ArielThe name of a popular Disney character, Ariel is a beautiful, sweet name for girls. The meaning of the name Ariel is “Lion of God.”
  • Duch This sweet-sounding name for a girl means “ghost.” It has Czech origins.
  • Muhjah — This name means “soul spirit.” It has Arabic origins.
  • Yennefer An alternate version of the popular American name Jennifer, Yennefer means “phantom queen.” It has Native American origins.
  • Arima A cute two-syllable name, Arima means “spirit.” It is a unique name for a girl. The name has Basque origins.
  • Masina A unique name with an exotic sound, Masina is a name with Malagasy origins. It means “ghost.”
  • Paresh This name means “supreme spirit.” It hails from Indian origins. It is most often a name given to girls.
  • Daeva This name means “evil spirit.” It's a girl's name originating from India.
  • Hulda A womanly, dark name with Old Norse origin, Hulda means “secret,” which works accordingly for a ghostly name.
  • Kaameshaa A pure name that's also unique for a girl, Kaameshaa hails from Arabic origin. The word means “a happy soul with a warrior spirit.”
  • AngelaThis popular name for girls means “guiding spirit.” It is of Scottish origin.
  • Hedone A girl's name meaning “the spirit of pleasure and enjoyment.” Hedone is a mature name, though very unique. It has Ancient Greek origins.
  • Edna This name means “spirit renewed.” It's a generational name with strong flair.
  • Tyche A unique, feminine name perfect for any little girl, the name Tyche means “the goddess of spirit or good fortune.” She'll have all the luck as she grows.
  • Alma — This name has Spanish origins and means “spirit.”
  • Theresa This popular name has a Greek origin. It means “ambitious, enterprising, spirited.”
  • Sheishen — This Japanese name means “spirit.”
  • Shabh — This name has Indian origins. It means “a ghost.”
  • Avet This Serbian name means “ghost.” it is unisex but used most commonly as a name for girls.

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