For parents expecting a daughter, there's often a built-in idea that she will be a princess. Whether she's raised as royalty or just valued as a special little girl, this list of girl names that mean princess is filled with beautiful options — some unusual, others not so much — that will ensure your daughter has a princess's start. Take a look!

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  • Gamine A French word meaning “princess,” giving this name to a girl ensures a unique, fun-to-say name.
  • Saina This name means “princess.” It is derived from Greek origins.
  • Malavika A name originating from India, Malavika is unique, feminine, and gracious. The name means “Princess of Malawi.”
  • Cleopatra A beautiful name for a girl that means “glory of her father,” its' most popularly known as being the name of Queen Cleopatra, Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC.
  • PrincessIt doesn't get more straightforward than naming a girl Princess. The name is of English origin and means “daughter of a Monarch.”
  • CamillaThis name means “princess warrior.” She'll be fierce and bold with this feminine name. Camilla has an Etruscan origin.
  • Orla An Irish name meaning “princess,” Orla was the name of King Brian Boru's sister during the Middle Ages. It was a very popular name for girls in Ireland at this time.
  • Suri The name Suri means “princess.” It was nearly unheard of until Katie Holmes chose the name for her daughter. The name is a derivative of the name Sara and has Hebrew origins.
  • Ameerah Of Arabic origin, the name is gaining popularity across the world. It's given to girls who arrive during the harvest feast of Shavuot.
  • SarahThis name is of Hebrew origin. It is an Old Testament name that means “princess.”
  • SadieOriginally a nickname for the girl's name Sally, Sadie is now among one of the top names chosen for girls. The name was made popular by Joseph's mother, Sadie, in Biblical times.
  • Rhianna Popularized by the R&B singer of the same name, Rhianna means “great queen,” which she'll certainly grow up to be one day. The name has Welsh origins.
  • DianaThis name means “divine princess.” It comes of Greek origin. Princess Diana and Diana Ross are two popular celebrities sharing this name.
  • TiaIn Spanish, the name Tia means “aunt,” although, in Greek, the name means princess. It is often used as a shortened form of longer names ending in Tia.
  • Adalinda Perhaps a darker name like Adalinda is what you are looking for. This name means “dragon princess” though it still sounds elegant coming from the lips.
  • Maelie Produced by Miley, this name has a Breton origin. It is the feminine version of the boy named “Mael.”
  • Tiana The name of the first African-American Disney princess, Tiana is gaining popularity across the U.S. The name itself means “tiara” or “Christian woman.”
  • Regina The name Regina means “Queen” It originates from Latin origins.
  • Nafisa This Arabic feminine name is among the most popular in the Middle East. The literal definition of Nafisa is “something so good and valuable that people compete for it”,
  • Demitra — This name has Spanish origins and means “noble woman.”
  • Putri Though uncommon outside of Indonesia, it's very popular in the country. The name means “princess.”
  • Isadora This name is the demine version of the name “Isidore.” It has Greek origin and means “the gift of the goddess Isis.”
  • Frederica The name means “peaceful ruler.” It's not commonly given to a girl in the US but has popularity in other countries including in Germany where it originates.
  • Almira This name means “the beautiful princess, the exalted one.” It has Arabic origins.
  • Candace This name means “Queen mother.” Candace originates from the Bible and derives from the word “kandake.”

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