Every girl deserves to enjoy life like a queen. Go ahead and lay that foundation for the life of royalty by selecting a moniker from this list of girl names that mean queen. From Rhiannon to Regina and beyond, each option is feminine and beautiful.

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  • Queenie: most obvious name for a girl with the meaning “Queen.” Queenie is fun, appropriate for her at every age and often used as a pet name for a Queen.
  • Kahina: name sounds pretty, is simple and unique. From African heritage, the name means “calming queen.”
  • Regina: of the top 100 names of the 1960s, the name Regina symbolized elegance and strength. The name means queen.
  • Rheina: A Spanish name meaning ‘queen,' Rheina
  • Henrietta: is a form of Henry used for girls. It sounds strong and earnest, an uncommonly used name meaning “estate ruler.”
  • Aubrianna: are several variations of this name, which means “strong leader.” The name rolls off the tongue beautifully and authoritatively.
  • Theresa: name used since the 1800s, Theresa means “ruler of the people,” perfectly fitting for the new queen in your life.
  • Rhiannon: name meaning “divine queen,” Rhiannon has a Welsh origin. Its most popular era occurred after a 1976 Fleetwood Mac song of the same name.
  • Victoria: “Goddess of Victory,” the name Victoria has a Latin origin.
  • Morrigan: Irish name meaning “phantom queen,” Morrigan is connected to both terror and greatness. It is a dark, mysterious and unique name for parents searching for a name with power and glamous behind it.
  • Dione: mother of Aphrodite, Dione is of Greek origin, a name for girls symbolizing power.
  • Roderica: “Renowned Ruler,” the name Roderica has a German origin. It is strong and persuasive when given to a baby girl.
  • Malka: Of Hebrew origin, the name Malka means Queen.
  • Royaly: “of English blood,” Royalty is a beautiful femine name for a little girl. It has an English origin.
  • Asub: Middle Eastern name, Asub means “Queen Bee,” a perfectly fitting name to the newest queen to take the throne in your home.
  • Meredith: The name means “Great Ruler” and has a Welsh origin.
  • Tiana: Slavic name was made popular by a Disney movie. Meaning “fairy queen,” the name is both powerful and femine so little girls get the best of both worlds.
  • Elizabeth: amongst queens in England, the name Elizabeth means “Queen” in Hebrew. The name is classic and works well as a first or middle name for a little girl.
  • Harriet: upscale, commonly used name in England, Harriet means “ruler or leader.”
  • Thema: name Thema originates from Africa. It means “Queen,” a unique and fun name for any future queen.
  • Ece: name means “queen, mother.” It comes from Turkish origin. It's a diminutive for the name Umay who was the Turkish goddess of earth and fertility.
  • Quanda: An English name meaning “Queen.”
  • Tanisha: name has African origins. It means “the fairy queen, ambition and desire.”
  • Hera: Arabic name meaning “Queen of Gods,” Hera insinuates pureness and authority.
  • Mira: name means “Female ruler.” It also symbolizes peacefulness. Any baby girl named Mira should have a bright future.

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