If you're considering giving your son an impactful name that resonates with all who know and love him, select an option from this list of boy names that mean queen. With names that mean “ruler” and “strength,” each option is empowering and intriguing at once. Take a look!

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  • Rico: “dominan ruler,” the name Rico works well as both a first and secondary name. It is a diminutive of Ricardo and has a Spanish origin.
  • Eric: ruler” is the meaning of the name Eric. Perhaps that reason explains why Eric remains a top boy's name after several generations.
  • Ericson: name means “son of the eternal ruler.” The name is professional but not overly boring and offers many choices in a middle name.
  • Eero: alternative version of Eric, the name Eero means eternal ruler.
  • Reggie: name that means “abundant ruler,” the name Reggie was commonly used by Queens in Germany.
  • Kendrick: “royal ruler” or “greatest champion,” the name Kendrick emulates masculinity and strength while offering modern commonality for boys.
  • Pharaoh: boy named Pharaoh is a born leader. The name has a Hebrew and Greek origin and means “a ruler in Egypt.”
  • Satish: Indian name works well for boys. It's strong and bold and means “ruler.”
  • Frederick: name meaning “peaceful ruler,” Frederick has a German origin. The name has a strong dominance that parents appreciate.
  • Alaric: German name meaning “all-peaceful ruler,” Alaric sounds strong and bold, yet modern and comforting.
  • Landy: baby queen born to be a ruler, the name Landy has both French and English origins.
  • Rory: name of Irish origin, Rory means “red ruler.” The name has been around for generations.
  • Henry: “estate leader,” the name Henry was derived from French Hari. Henry VIII is the most famous Henry of all time.
  • Saowanee: name comes from the Queen of Thailand and has a Thai origin.
  • Edric: “wealthy ruler,” Edric has increased in popularity for parents looking for a masculine, powerful name for their son.
  • Sultan: name has a Sawalili origin. It means “ruler.” Giving a boy the name Sultan ensures an original, easy-to-pronounce and spell name that interjects confidence in any boy.
  • Milcah- Hebrew origin, Milcah is a great name for a boy, an alternate for the girl name Malka.
  • Ketevan: name means “Queen of the House,” a name choice significant when given to a boy. The name has a Georgian origin.
  • Semiramis: An Assyrian Queen.
  • Richard: name Richard means “dominant ruler.” It has a German origin, often favored as names for kings. Richard remained in the top 10 boy's names for more than 25 years.
  • Vladimir: Russian name meaning “renowned ruler,” any boy will gladly earn respect when given this name.
  • Aldrich: “old, wise ruler,” Aldrich has a rich sound and uniqueness that's perfect for any little boy destined to be great one day.
  • Arnold: English name with German origins, Arnold means “ruler, strong as an eagle.” Any boy named Arnold certainly has the capability of being great one day.
  • Roald: name with Norwegian heritage, the name Roald is uncommon so parents can ensure originality when choosing this name. Roald means “famous ruler.”
  • Rani: “She is that like a Queen,” the name Rani can suffice for a boy thanks to several pronunciation variations.

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