If you envision your son be a natural leader, then lay the foundation by giving him one of these boy names that mean ruler. Each is unique and masculine. Explore the meanings and origins of each of these delightful baby names!

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  • Cadwallader An unusual name meaning “battle warrior,” this name is of Welsh origin.
  • Sigwald A two-syllable name meaning “victorious leader,” Sigwald is not a common name so it's great for parents seeking originality.
  • Kimball The name Kimball means “Battle leader.” It is of Celtic origin.
  • EnriqueA name of Spanish origin, Enrique means “home-ruler” in Italian. This name is common in Spanish-speaking countries and the U.S. alike.
  • Alaric This name for boys means “regal ruler.” It is of German origin where it's a fairly popular name.
  • Theodoric The unusual name Theodoric means “ruler of the people.” It has a German-Ostrogothic origin.
  • Erik The boy's name Erik means “eternal ruler.” It's of Old Norse origin and has several spelling variations including Eric and Erick.
  • Zolten This modern and fun name means “ruler” and is a Top 50 Baby Name in Hungary. It's not as common in the states but growing in popularity.
  • Dick Often used as a shortened version of the name Richard, the name Dick is in and of itself a standalone name meaning “dominant ruler.” It is of German origin.
  • Hendrick The name Hendrick is a form of the name Hendrix. It means “home-ruler.”
  • Roderick– The boy's name Roderick means “Ruler, glory.” It has Germanic origins.
  • Chamberlain A sophisticated name meaning “chief officer of the household,” Chamberlain has Old English origin.
  • WalterA name meaning “commander of the army,” Walter has a Germanic origin. It is the 274th most popular boy's name by rank.
  • Janesh The name Janesh is of Indian origin. It means “leader of the people.”
  • ArnoldThe name Arnold means “strong ruler.” It has English and German origin. Many people associate this name with California governor and former actor Arnold Swarzenegger.
  • DerrickThe name Derrick means “gifted ruler.” It has English origins and several spelling variations, including Derek.
  • HankMeaning “ruler of the home,” Hank is a diminutive form of the name Henry. It is of American origin.
  • Satish An Indian boy's name meaning “ruler or leader,” Satish Fritz: This name has a German origin. It means “peaceful ruler” and was once considered a diminutive of the name Frederick.
  • Serhan – A name meaning “top leader,” Serhan has Turkish origins.
  • DukeOf English and Irish origin, the name Duke is given to a person who worked as a duke at the head of a household. The name is old-fashioned.
  • Kincaid A surname and given name, Kincaid means “battle leader.” It is of Celtic origin. Artist Thomas Kincaid is the person most commonly associated with this name.
  • SahilIf you want an Indian name for boys, consider Sahil. The name means “guide, leader.” It is a common name in India.
  • Varick A name meaning “leader who defends,” Varick is a strong and uncommon name for boys with a great definition. It has a German origin.
  • HenryA name meaning “house ruler,” Henry became popular first during the 2nd World War and though not as common as it was at one time, it is still a popular choice for parents looking for a masculine, respectable name for boys.
  • Ricardo This Spanish name means “powerful leader.” The name is popular but has never ranked on a top 100 baby name list. In 1992, the name did rank #115 on the list.

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