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Henry is the French version of the German baby name Heinrich. It is a name that has commonly been used throughout royal families in Europe, including those in France, Germany, and England. Henry does have a vintage feel though, making it even a popular name that is on the top 10 list in modern times.

Meaning of the Name Henry

Henry comes from the Germanic name “Heimirich,” which later turned into the name “Heinrich” which is more similar to Henry. German royalty began to use “Heinrich” among their families, popularizing this name throughout Germany and even France. During the Norman War, the name Henry, which was the French version, was brought to England. In England, it again became popularized as it became a very royal name.

The name Heimirich which the baby name Henry comes from also means “estate ruler” or “home ruler.” Henry continues to use the original meaning of its original name, with the root word “heim” meaning “home” and “ric” meaning “ruler.”

Henry baby name meaning and origin

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Nicknames for Henry

Henry feels like a very formal and mannerly baby name. It is very mature and classic and should be paired with a fun and lighthearted nickname like “Harry” or “Henny”. Below, we've crafted a list of nickname options to help get you inspired:

  • Hen
  • Ree
  • Henny
  • Harry
  • Hal 
  • Hanky
  • Rye

Henry Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Henry is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: HEHN-ree

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Henry

  • Henri
  • Hennree
  • Hennri
  • Hennrie
  • Hennry
  • Henrey

Henry Name Popularity

In the year 2020, the baby name Henry ranked at number nine on the Social Security Index, which is the highest rank the name has had in the last 120 years. Prior to 2020, the name was on the top 20 list from 2017 to 2019. It was on the top 50 list from 2012 to 2016, and the top 100 list from 2006 to 2011. The last time that Henry had a high ranking was from 1900 to 1927 when it was on the top 20 list, and from 1928 to 1968 when it was on the top 100 list.

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Great Middle Names for Henry and Their Meanings

  • Adam (son of the red earth)
  • James (heel, supplanter)
  • Ryan (little king)
  • Patrick (ruler)
  • Owen (young warrior, noble)
  • Grant (tall, big)
  • Ford (river crossing)

Famous People Name Henry

  • Henry Ford (inventor of the assembly line)
  • Henry Thoreau (author, “Walking”)
  • Henry Haggard (author, “Ayesha”)
  • Henry Winkler (actor, “Happy Days”)
  • Henry Longfellow (poet, “Evangeline”)
  • Henry Cavill (actor, “Man of Steel”)
  • Henry Fonda (actor, “12 Angry Men”)
  • Henry Wotton (character in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)
  • Henry Clerval (character in “Frankenstein”)
  • Henry Winter (character in “The Secret History”)
  • Henry Rowengartner (character in “Rookie of the Year”)
  • Henry Denton (character on “We are the Ants”)
  • Henry(character from “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”)
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