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Colorado’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

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Colorado’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

Every year there are certain names that remain the most popular picks among parents. But why are these ones in particular so popular? Pop culture events, icons, or characters influence the trendiness of certain names. Other names have ties to the region, or perhaps some connection to a close friend or family member. According to Names.org, some of Colorado's top baby names for 2023 included the likes of Liam, Henry, Elijah, Amelia, Sophia, and Charlotte. There's a nice mix of classic names, alongside some modernized variations.

In this article, you'll learn about the history and popularity of Colorado's top baby names for 2023. We'll cover the origins of these names, as well as their meanings. By the end of this post, you'll have a good rundown of Colorado's top baby names for 2023. Get a better idea of what kinds of names made waves in the state of Colorado, and decide which ones might be a good fit for your own family name. Read on to learn about Colorado's top baby names for 2023.

1. Liam

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We're starting with “Liam,” which is a variation of “William,” and “Wilhelm.” It has roots in the Irish name “Uilliam,” and the Germanic name “Wilhelm,” which translates to “warrior,” “strong-willed,” and “protector.” The word “helm” can refer to a piece of armor worn by warriors, which contributes to the meaning of the name overall. (via Very Well Family).

2. Olive

The next name among Colorado's top baby names for 2023 is Olive. This name can be relatively gender-neutral, but also the male and female variations include Oliver and Olivia. The name is rooted in both the French and Latin terms for “Olive Tree,” or the fruit of the olive tree. It can be considered a symbol of friendship, peace, and unity. The olive branch is mentioned in the Bible, in a story of reconciliation (via Very Well Family).

3. Noah

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Next up we have “Noah.” This name has links to the Hebrew word for rest, which is “Noach.” The name appears in the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis, where Noah builds an ark to survive a great flood. Beyond just Colorado, this name is very popular in areas of the Middle East, the Netherlands, and Spain.

4. Theodore

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Theodore” comes from the Greek words “Theos,” and “Doron,” which translate to “gift from God,” and also to “divine gift.” Popularized nicknames from the name include the names Theo, Ted, and Teddy.

5. Henry

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Henry” has roots in French, German, and English names. While the French spell this name “Henri,” the German spelling comes from the name “Heimeric,” meaning “ruler of the house.” Historically, the name Henry has been popular among royal families, in both Ireland and England. Feminized versions include “Henrietta” and “Harriet.”

6. James

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The name “James” has a similar meaning to the name “Jacob.” Both come from the Hebrew and Latin words that translate to “supplanter,” which can mean to guard, protect, seize, and follow. “James” was the name of two characters from the Bible, and was also the name of an English King (James VI). It is also a common name in Scotland.

7. Jack

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Would you believe that the name “Jack” comes from the name “John”? In medieval England, the name changed from John to Johnkin. Eventually, the names Jankin and Jackin cropped up. Jack was a derivative of this evolution, and it means “healthy” and “strong.” It can also be used to describe someone who can do lots of things, considered a “jack of all trades.” It has Celtic roots, and is also a common name in classic fairytales like “Jack and the Beanstalk” or “Jack and Jill.”

8. Benjamin

popular american male first name benjamin

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“Benjamin” is a Biblical name. Seen in the Old Testament, it means the “son of the right hand.” This translation comes from the Hebrew words “son” and “yāmīn.” The name can also refer to someone who is the youngest of their family, or “the Benjamin” (via Very Well Family).

9. Charlotte

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One of Colorado's top baby names for 2023 was “Charlotte.” This name is considered a feminine version of the names “Charles” and “Karl.” These names are derived from the Old English word “ceorl.” This name was given to individuals who were free of a slave title, but also not of Noble blood.

10. Emma

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Next, for girls names, we have “Emma.” Commonly an English name, “Emma” also has roots in the Germanic translation for “whole” and “universal,” which is a lovely sentiment for a new baby's name. Famous holders of this name include Jane Austen's “Emma” and Queen Emma of Normandy.

11. Amelia

Cute baby lying on bed with toy and word AMELIA composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept

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Amelia” was another one of Colorado's top baby names for 2023. It has roots in Latin and German, specifically the word “Amal,” which translates to “work,” “drive,” and “fertility.” It doesn't mean work in terms of labor, but more in terms of “industriousness.” Common nicknames for “Amelia” include the names Amy, Emily, Lia, and Emma. Male variations may include Emil, Emery, and Emmett.

12. Sophia

Cute baby with word SOPHIA lying on soft blanket. Choosing name concept

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Next up we have, “Sophia,” which is Greek in origin. It translates to “wisdom” and was common throughout the Middle Ages, specifically in Europe. Common nicknames include Sophie and Sofi.

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