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The United States Top Baby Names, Revealed

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The United States Top Baby Names, Revealed

When naming our little bundles, many parents search long and hard for the perfect name. Knowing what is trending can prove beneficial for parents. The top baby names lists will give you an idea of what is most popular right now, what names your child's classmates and friends will most likely have, and give ideas for the perfect name for your little one.

The Social Security List comes out every year with the most popular names, which is an excellent indicator of the names that will be popular in the coming year. However, BabyCenter also gives real-time updates with trending names based on parents registering their children. This list can help you figure out what is popular right now. Below, you can see the United States top baby names for 2023.

The United States Top Baby Names For Girls in 2023

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The top baby girl names in the United States for 2023 include Amelia and Olivia.

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1. Olivia

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Olivia means “olive branch” and gives a sweet and kind air about it. It is an Old English name that derives from the male name Oliver. 

2. Emma

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Emma is a sweet and feminine German name that has existed since the 1000s. Queen Emma of Normandy made the name famous during the Norman Conquest. 

However, she is not the only Emma to make this name popular. When Jane Austen wrote her novel, Emma, the world saw a spike in the popularity of this name as well. 

The meaning of Emma is “universal” and “whole.” In the Modern era, Emma has been on the top 20 list since 1999. 

3. Amelia

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Amelia has been a popular girl name for quite some time; however, it spiked to the top around 2013 and has been climbing since. One of the most famous Amelia's is Amelia Earhart, an Aviator who disappeared during her last flight. 

Amelia is of Hebrew origin and means “to work.” 

4. Sophia

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Sophia means “wisdom” and “wise.” It is of Greek origin. Fun fact: the word Sophia means wisdom in Greek. Therefore, this is a name with a literal translation. 

Since 2006, Sophia has been on the charts as a popular girl's name. It also has a common variant, Sofia, that doesn't come far behind on the list. 

5. Charlotte

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Charlotte is a feminine girl name that comes from France. It means “petite” or “free man.” Initially, it became the female counterpart of the male name Charles. Charlotte sounds like royalty, mainly because it is a common name used for royal blood. This name has recently grown in popularity since the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. 

However, there are more faces named Charlotte, including Charlotte Bronte. 

6. Ava

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Ava is short and sweet and has been a popular name for quite some time. 

There are a few different origins and meanings of the name Ava. These include the Hebrew meaning “breath” or “life.” The Persian means “sound” or “voice,” and German means “island, “desire,” or “water.” Additionally, the Latin meaning of Ava is “bird.”

7. Isabella

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Isabella is a Hebrew name that comes from the Biblical name Elizabeth. It means “God is my oath.” A Latin variation of Isabella is Isabel. 

8. Mia

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Mia was originally thought of as a nickname until recently. The meaning of this name is “beloved” or “mine.” Mia is thought to have originated from a word in Egyptian, which means “love.” Additionally, Mia is a popular word in Spanish and Italian cultures and means “mine.” 

Mia has gained traction on the top ten baby girl names list since 2009 and has continuously held its spot. 

9. Luna 

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Luna is a sweet baby girl name that means “the moon.” Its popularity isn't just in modern times; it was the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. Luna has also been a surname Deluna or de Luna. Popular faces named Luna include Luna Blaise, Gertrude “Luna” Vachon, and Luna Pascual Yamaguchi. 

10. Evelyn

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The meaning of Evelyn is “water” and “desired.” It is a gender-neutral name used for both females and males. Evelyn's origins are Norman French. Additionally, the version Evelyn comes from the longer name Aveline. 

Top 50 Girl Names in the United States 2023

  1. Olivia 
  2. Emma 
  3. Amelia 
  4. Sophia 
  5. Charlotte 
  6. Ava 
  7. Isabella 
  8. Mia 
  9. Luna 
  10. Evelyn 
  11. Gianna 
  12. Lily 
  13. Aria 
  14. Aurora 
  15. Ellie 
  16. Harper 
  17. Mila 
  18. Sofia 
  19. Camila 
  20. Layla 
  21. Nova 
  22. Eliana 
  23. Ella 
  24. Violet 
  25. Hazel 
  26. Willow 
  27. Chloe 
  28. Ivy 
  29. Scarlett 
  30. Penelope 
  31. Eleanor 
  32. Elena 
  33. Avery 
  34. Nora 
  35. Abigail 
  36. Emily 
  37. Maya 
  38. Isla 
  39. Delilah 
  40. Naomi 
  41. Elizabeth 
  42. Grace 
  43. Zoey 
  44. Emilia 
  45. Riley 
  46. Zoe 
  47. Paisley 
  48. Athena 
  49. Leilani 
  50. Madison 

The United States Top Baby Names for Boys in 2023

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The baby boy names on this list include Noah, Liam, and Mateo.

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1. Noah

Toy blocks spelling out the name "NOAH"


Noah is a Biblical name that has been climbing the top of the baby names chart for quite some time. It has slowly been climbing the top ten names since 2009.

Typically, when one hears Noah, they picture the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. The meaning and origin of this name date back to this time. Noah is of Hebrew origin and means “rest” and “peace.” This name is at play when God gives Noah and his family rest on the ark during the Great Flood. 

2. Liam

Cute baby sitting on floor with word LIAM composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept

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Liam has been top charting since 2013. Typically, Liam hovers over the top three spots. 

The meaning of Liam is “helmet of will” and “guardian.” This name is of Irish heritage and was originally a nickname for William. Yet, with the strong meaning and sense of protection that the name Liam ignites, it stands well alone. 

3. Oliver

Toy blocks spelling out the name "OLIVER"


Coming in at third this year is Oliver. Oliver has a few different origin stories, including Latin, French, and Old Norse. The meaning of Oliver is “olive tree planter” and comes from the Latin origin. 

The name Oliver is a variant of Olivier and Aliefr and has existed since Medieval times. 

4. Elijah

popular american male first name elijah

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Elijah was a prophet whose life is prevalent in 1 and 2 Kings. The name means “the Lord is my God” and is of Hebrew origin. 

While the popularity of the name Elijah has fluctuated throughout the Biblical, Middle Ages, and Protestant churches, it has begun rising recently in modern times. 

5. Mateo

Most Popular Baby Names - Mateo

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Mateo is of Hebrew origin and means “gift of God.” In English, the version of Mateo is Matthew. 

In Spanish-speaking cultures, Mateo is a very popular name. 

6. Lucas

popular european and american male first name lucas

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Lucas was a surname for families who came from Lucania, Italy. This name is of Latin and Greek origin and means “from Lucania” and “man from Lucania.” 

Lucas has been on the top-ranking list of baby names since 2018. Famous faces with the name Lucas include Lucas Till, Lucas Black, Lucas Hedges, and Lucas Grabeel. There are also famous Lucases in pop culture, including Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill and Lucas Gottesman from Pretty Little Liars. 

7. Levi

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Gaining popularity in the 1940s with the rise of the Levi jeans brand, this name has been around for quite some time. The origin of Levi dates back to Biblical times. Levi was one of Jacob's sons, whose name was changed to Israel. 

The name Levi means “united” or “joined” and is of Hebrew origin. 

8. Leo

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The top baby names for boys in Indiana range from Oliver to Lincoln.

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Leo is a common nickname but has grown in popularity as a first name. 

The meaning of Leo is “lion” and gives the sense of a strong and fierce protector. Leo has Latin origin and came from Eastern Europe. 

9. Ezra

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Ezra is a Biblical name that dates back to the Old Testament and has Hebrew origin. 

The meaning of Ezra is “help” and elicits the symbolism of the helper, with possible roots in the name Azaryahu, which means “Yahweh helps.” This makes sense considering the origin of the name Ezra comes from the prophet in the Bible, Ezra, who also wrote the Biblical book by the same name. 

10. Luca

Popular and modern baby boy fashion name LUCA in wooden English language capital letters spilling from a pile of letters on a green background in sepia

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Luca is a variant of Lucas and means “person from Luciana, Italy.” However, Luca is a sweeter-sounding name for a baby. Unlike Lucas, it is often used as a gender-neutral name. 

The name Luca shot to the top of the list relatively quickly, only ranking at 67 in 2020. Famous faces with the name Luca include Luca della Robbia and Luca Kaszas. 

Top 50 Names for Boys in 2023 

  1. Noah 
  2. Liam 
  3. Oliver 
  4. Elijah 
  5. Mateo
  6. Lucas 
  7. Levi 
  8. Leo 
  9. Ezra 
  10. Luca 
  11. Asher 
  12. James 
  13. Ethan 
  14. Sebastian 
  15. Henry 
  16. Muhammad
  17. Hudson 
  18. Maverick 
  19. Benjamin 
  20. Theo 
  21. Kai 
  22. Jackson 
  23. Michael 
  24. Daniel 
  25. Aiden 
  26. Gabriel 
  27. Josiah 
  28. Mason 
  29. Jack 
  30. Elias 
  31. Grayson 
  32. Alexander 
  33. Luke
  34. Julian 
  35. Jayden 
  36. David 
  37. Logan 
  38. Theodore 
  39. Wyatt 
  40. Carter 
  41. Samuel 
  42. Owen 
  43. William 
  44. Waylon 
  45. Ezekiel 
  46. Miles 
  47. Matthew 
  48. Isaiah 
  49. Jacob 
  50. Santiago 
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