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Charlotte is a classic baby name with a long history of famous bearers. Famous novelists and poets, actresses, politicians, models, and even royalty have borne the name Charlotte.

Meaning of the name Charlotte:

French: free or petite

Origin of the name Charlotte:

Charlotte as a name originated in France as the feminine form of the name Charles or Charlot. The name became popular in the 17th century in England and spread into many other European countries over the following centuries.

Style of the name Charlotte:


Gender of the name Charlotte:

Charlotte is the French feminine form of the boy’s name Charles.

Pronunciation of the name Charlotte:

SHAHR-lət (English), SHAR-LAWT (French), shar-LAW-tə (German, Dutch), sha-LOT (Swedish)

Number of syllables in the name Charlotte:

Two or three, depending on pronunciation.

Emotion evoked from the name Charlotte:

Charlotte evokes feelings of sophistication and intelligence.

Alternative spellings for the name Charlotte:

Sharlotte, Charlotta, Charlette

Nicknames for the name Charlotte:

Popularity of the name Charlotte:

According to the Social Security Administration, Charlotte has been a popular baby name since at least 1900. The name has never ranked lower than #350 on the baby name ranking lists for girls. It has been within the top 10 names since 2014.

Related names for the name Charlotte:

Great middle names for Charlotte and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Charlotte:

  • Charlotte Bronte (19th century English novelist and poet)
  • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (British royal family)
  • Amber O’Neal, who performed under the name Charlotte (professional wrestler)
  • Charlotte Burton (American silent film star)
  • Charlotte Wessels (Dutch singer-songwriter)

Charlottes in popular culture:

  • Charlotte the spider (literature, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White)
  • Charlotte York (television, “Sex in the City”)
  • Charlotte Heywood (literature, Sanditon by Jane Austen)
  • Charlotte Pickles (television, “Rugrats”)


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