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For years, Charlie was a nickname for Charles and a name for baby boys only. But since 2005, it's been climbing its way up the charts as a given name in its own right, and these days, it's more popular for girls than it is for boys. Some see it as a nickname for names like Charlotte or Charlene. Some just see it as a cute gender-neutral baby name. Whatever your reasoning for choosing Charlie, it looks like it's here to stay for a while.

Meaning of the name Charlie:

English: Free man
German: Free man

Origin of the name Charlie:

Charlie is an English derivative of the name Charles. Charles is derived from the German name Karl, which means “free man.”

Symbolism of the name Charlie:

While Charlie is derived from Charles, which means “free man,” the name has long been associated with royalty in England, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Austria and other European countries.

baby name Charlie

Style of the name Charlie:


Gender of the name Charlie:

Charlie is a great name for boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Charlie:


Number of syllables in the name Charlie:


Emotion evoked from the name Charlie:

The baby name Charlie evokes images of someone who is fun-loving and cheerful.

Alternative spellings for the name Charlie:

  • Charley 
  • Charlee
  • Charly
  • Charli
  • Charleigh

Nicknames for the name Charlie:

Popularity of the name Charlie:

For baby girls, Charlie was a top 1,000 baby name between 1900 and 1951. It made a comeback in 2005 and is more popular than ever. According to the Social Security Administration, it ranked at number 122 as of 2020. For baby boys, Charlie has been a top 1,000 name since 1900, ranking at number 204 in 2020.

Related names for the name Charlie:

Great middle names for Charlie and their meanings:

For Boys:

For Girls

Famous people with the name Charlie:

Charlies in popular culture:

  • Charlie Brown (“Peanuts” comic strip character)
  • Charlie Bucket (character from the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”)
  • Charlie (character from the movie “Top Gun”)
  • Charlie Dalton (character from the movie “Dead Poets Society”)
  • Charlie (character on the TV show “Two and a Half Men”)
  • Charlie(character on the TV show “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)
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