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Baby name Elizabeth


When you think of the most timeless baby girl names, you may instantly think of Elizabeth. This name has been around since New Testament times, and it is here to stay. Even as of the year 2020, it is still a top 20 option.

Meaning of the Name Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the anglicized version of the Greek name Elisabet, coming from the Hebrew Elisheva. Elisheba is Aaron's wife in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, the baby name Elizabeth appears as the mother over John the Baptist.

The name became popular among the Christian church in the twelfth century, even permeating English royalty. Elizabeth dates back to the ancient Hebrew name Elisheva. This name also means “God is my oath.” It comes from the root words el (meaning “God”) and shava (meaning “oath”).

Baby name Elizabeth

Nicknames for Elizabeth

Elizabeth feels classic, beautiful, and formal. It is a name that is timeless and will last through the ages. For such a formal and mature name, you can always make it feel bright and bubbly with the perfect nickname. Below, we've compiled a list of possible nickname options to help get you inspired.

Elizabeth Name Details

Style: Classical

Gender: Elizabeth is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: i-LIZ-uh-beth

Syllables: Four

Alternative Spellings for Elizabeth

Elizabeth Name Popularity

The baby name Elizabeth was on the top 10 list until 1923 and again in 1925. It descended to the top 20 list until 1939, and the top 30 list until 1959. As of 1960, it became a top 20 name again, then a top 10 name again in 1980 to about 2013. There were some years in there, however, in which Elizabeth was rank 11. As of 2014, Elizabeth is a top 20 name again, and in 2020, it ranked number 16.

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Great Middle Names for Elizabeth and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Bennet (character from “Pride and Prejudice”)
  • Elizabeth Cooper (character from “Riverdale”)
  • Elizabeth Lavenza (character from “Frankenstein”)
  • Elizabeth Johnson (character from “American Horror Story: Hotel”)
  • Elizabeth Walton (character from “The Waltons”)
  • Elizabeth Webber (character from “General Hospital”)
  • Elizabeth Lemon (character from “30 Rock”)
  • Elizabeth Forbes (character from “The Vampire Diaries”)
  • Elizabeth Stonem (character from “Skins”)
  • Elizabeth (character from “Bioshock Infinite” video game)
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